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Kicking it up a Notch

By Morgan Oberwiler

The NHP boys varsity soccer team has played diligently and powerfully throughout the course of their season. Led by captains Shane Antao, Sean Rodgers and Shawn Carlson, the team has prevailed through the conference, with countless wins to date.

The team has witnessed the advantages of working hard. With practice almost every day, the team has shown their commitment to soccer. Their dedication at practice is apparent by their games.

“Whether I’m at practice or at a game, I always make sure to give 300%. As a captain of the team, I make sure everybody is working hard," senior Sean Rodgers said. "Hard work definitely pays off when you're in tough situations. When the soccer team was losing 3-0 in the second half, I had to push my teammates forward. In that same game we were able to tie Manhasset 3-3. Luckily, I was able to score one goal and have two assists."

Throughout the duration of the season, the group has grown closer, boosting the team’s morale. By seeing each other every day, the team treats each other like family. The NHP boys varsity soccer team has not only consisted of great teammates but also great friends.

Source by Kristen Schneider

The boys varsity soccer team is enthusiastic about their successful season.

“In the beginning of the season, we weren’t sure how things would play out," junior Nicholas Prada said. "After playing our first game against South Side, we came together for the first time to hold them to a closely fought draw. That made me realize the team chemistry we all have. We carried on the momentum throughout the season, leading us to almost be undefeated in the conference. Our team finally became a family.”

“I have stayed incredibly close to my teammates throughout the season. Whether it’s posting a TikTok together or going to Applebee's, I love spending time with them. Winning game after game kept the energy high and really made us bond,’’ junior Mauricio Mejia said.

The soccer team gained multiple fans throughout the duration of their season. Many NHP students love to watch the group do well, cheering passionately and excitedly during the games.

“I love to watch the boys do well. It is really nice to know that the Gladiators are making our school look good. I definitely look forward to going to their games,” freshmen Erik Oberwiler said.

“Watching NHP boys varsity soccer is really motivating for me. Seeing them make great passing sequences and scoring amazing goals is so exhilarating for the stands,” senior Julia Fulgieri said.

Despite the team’s success, the season was cut short when NHP lost their first round playoff game to a tough Glen Cove team. Their season ended with an overall record of 7-2-1.


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