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"Keeping Up With" Hulu

By Tessa Cherian & Priya Persaud

The Kardashians have been referred to as “America’s most famous family” for over a decade. Their quest for fame has been successful with their reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” lasting 14 years on air. The show documents the fashionable and lavish lifestyles of mom, Kris Jenner, and her famous daughters navigating their ways through immense fame, popularity and drama. It is no surprise that the show’s ending in June 2021 upset some viewers. However, viewers have yet another surprise awaiting them: “The Kardashians,a new reality series about the star family itself, will be hitting Hulu and many screens on April 14, 2022.

The new show will be picking up right after the final season of “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” Its teaser only proves to excite more viewers anticipating the show’s release. The teaser exclaims that “all walls will be shattered” with a video of the Kardashian sisters inside glass boxes, which is indeed a smart marketing tactic to get viewers thinking. Many hope to get a closer look into the private family lives of the individual sisters.

“I’ve personally never liked the Kardashians because I feel like they bring on this fake energy wherever they go. However, not to lie, their teaser does make me want to watch the show because it seems so drama-packed and oddly funny,” sophomore Shwetha George said.

The excitement and anticipation for the show are steadily increasing due to recently circulating topics concerning the Kardashians, which include Kylie Jenner’s second pregnancy, Kourtney Kardashian’s engagement to Travis Barker and Kim Kardashian’s separation from Kanye West.

Moreover, the famous family emphasized that this new show will portray their busy lives in “ways they previously couldn’t.” Essentially, switching to Hulu streaming service is allowing them “the ability to work without the restrictions of cable.”

In a cover story promoting “The Kardashians,” Kim Kardasian conveyed to Variety Magazine that, “Before, on E!, it was totally us and totally amazing, but the episodes were so short, and the producers definitely knew what the E! audience wanted. And this feels a little bit more documentary-style.”

Furthermore, Khloé Kardashian stated, “We wanted to be with someone that’s tech forward, so we’re with the times. For us to be still on cable was just not so on brand for us.”

“On any social media app that you go on, there is always some viral news about the Kardashians," junior Madison Thompson said. "So, I think their decision to consolidate their drama on a single streaming platform will allow fans the opportunity to stay afloat with their famous lives without having to actually search for the information themselves.”

Kim continued on in her interview to say that her main objective was to ensure that the show “was familiar and felt like home.” Thus, a “homey feeling” was incorporated into the aesthetic of the show. So, the famous siblings will primarily be depicted individually, allowing the audience a closer look into their personal lives outside of the media spotlight and family gatherings. The Kardashian family is also very excited that episodes of their “major headlines” will be able to air closer to when the drama actually happened.

“I have always watched E!’s ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ and I am so excited to gain a new perspective about their busy lives," junior Madison Thompson said. "We always see them interacting with other members of the public and their famous family, so I think it’s really diversifying for them to disclose their private lives away from the camera.”

Source by Morgan Oberwiler

The Kardashian's brands can be seen throughout the hallways of New Hyde Park Memorial, from the Skims clothing line to Kylie Lip Kit lipsticks.

“You always hear about some new Kardashian drama in the news, so I am eager to hear their comments about their latest situations,” junior Anagha Sunny said.

Overall, from exploring Kim Kardashian’s drama with her divorce from West and her new relationship with Pete Davidson, to depicting Khloé Kardashians’s emotional aftermath of dealing with Tristan Thompson’s cheating fiasco, “The Kardashians” is a highly anticipated show that aims to divulge the personal lives of the famous family to eager fans in an unprecedented way.


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