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Instantly to Insta

By Fiona O'Reilly

End-of-year events, such as prom and college decisions, are keeping many upperclassmen at NHP excited to push through the final months of this school year. Amidst such buzz, some students have created Instagram accounts for specific events with the purpose of keeping their fellow students updated and in good spirits.

The first example of this is the junior and senior prom dress accounts. The senior prom account, run by the class’ publicity coordinator, Caley Caleca, was created for students who are wearing dresses to prom and wish to avoid repeated outfits. Students choose to send in pictures of their dresses to the account, which are then posted.

“The officers of our class wanted me to start the prom dress account since I had done it for other events,” senior Caley Caleca said. “I think it’s beneficial because senior prom is super exciting. Most people look forward to it from early in high school and want to make sure they get their favorite dress and show it off!”

Caleca’s goal in making the account was to create a positive platform for her classmates to share their style. Both the senior and junior accounts also intend to serve the purpose of making sure that multiple people avoid wearing the same dress.

“I love seeing everyone’s dresses!” junior Michayla Rinaldi said. “I think it is a great idea for girls to feel confident in what they are wearing. It’s making me very excited for junior prom.”

“The junior prom dress account, in my opinion, is a great tool for those who want to wear dresses,” junior Sarah Dempsey said. “People can use it to make sure their dress is different from others or to just browse the dresses of their classmates.”

Overall, the consensus about these accounts is mainly positive in both classes, and most students have shared that they are thrilled for their respective proms.

Source by Ann Aphraim

Many students take the opportunity to hype up the dresses that their friends buy, creating an encouraging environment as prom draws near.

Another example of a social media account, run by students and for student use, is the Class of 2023 college commitment page. Upon student request and submission of a picture of themselves, the account, run by Student Council President Ava Geigle, uploads a post dedicated to that senior and their commitment to a college. A typical post usually includes the student’s college, program or major and any other additional information they would like to include.

“I started the page to represent and showcase all of the accomplishments of this year’s senior class,” senior Geigle said. “All friends and family can see and admire the accomplishment of the Class of 2023.”

Here is what some of the senior class feels regarding the creation of the commitment page.

“It’s awesome!” senior Julia Esposito said. “Considering that we have been in school with these people for six years, it’s interesting to see the different paths being taken and what the future holds.”

“It is a great way to connect with the rest of our class, especially going into the next stages of our lives,” senior Christina Wilson said.

For many students at NHP, student-run social media accounts have been an efficient way to boost student morale and anticipation for the future.


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