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Glad to be in New Orleans

By Christina Wilson

From March 30 to April 2, the New Hyde Park Senior High Band took a trip to New Orleans to participate in a music festival hosted by a local high school. Throughout their time there, students were immersed in the local celebrations, music and culture.

“New Orleans is the birthplace of American music and a culturally vibrant city with a rich culture and a fascinating history,” band teacher Ms. Bagley said. “It was a place I thought nobody had seen anything like before because it's so unique.”

Source from Cameron Conroy

In New Orleans, students participate in the local celebrations, music and culture.

The music festival was hosted by L.B. Landry High School in New Orleans. Each participating school was provided with a time slot to perform for three professional conductors. The band not only received valuable feedback but also was afforded the opportunity to play for a new and different audience. After an awards ceremony, the festival hosted a masquerade Mardi Gras-style ball so participants could celebrate with all of the schools that traveled there for the event. Band members from around the country shared food and fellowship, bonded by this shared experience.

“It was absolutely amazing,” senior Matthew Zatz said. “New Orleans is a beautiful city that is filled with such a unique atmosphere unlike anything I've ever seen. I will never forget the tour to the French Quarter, and our tour guide Bob told us so many interesting stories about the history of New Orleans.”

“I found traveling to New Orleans with the NHP band to be such a wonderful experience,” senior Luke Jacob said. “While the city was really nice, what was more valuable to me were the timeless bonds I created on the trip with people in the band.”

Source from Matthew Zatz

Students were able to get a taste of the vibrant celebrations of Mardi Gras through an immersive museum experience.

“A bit outside of the city, we went on a tour through the bayou on a high speed airboat,” junior Joe Reo said. “It was exhilarating, loud and all around enjoyable. We also fed alligators some marshmallows.”

Source from Matthew Zatz

"Anyone considering going on one of these kind of trips should go on these trips. It is an experience worthwhile," Jacob said.


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