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In My "Teacher" Era

By Morgan Oberwiler

TikTok users have done it once again. Gen Z finds a new “era” to morph into every week, proving that quite anything can be an era. This trend consists of users posting a “swipe” series of photos that encapsulate their year. Each image is labeled with the "era" the photo represents.

Did good on a test? You're in your academic weapon era. Broke up with your boyfriend? You’re in your girl boss era. Visited Florida for a college visit? You’re in your vacation era. Ate a pickle under the Eiffel Tower when traveling to France? You’re in your French pickle era.

Quite literally everything can be an era. After scrolling and scrolling through this trend, there was one thing that NEEDED to be done. It was my duty. I had to give each teacher a certain era of their life I feel they are in now.

Travis Chuba. Where do I begin? There are so many “eras” this man could be in, but I’m going to keep it sentimental. Chuba, congratulations on your baby. Mr. Chuba, you're in your “fatherly” era.

Tiffany Salcedo. Our queen. Ms. Salcedo ran the France trip like a boss. She got the kids everywhere on time and made the trip so much fun. Not only that, but when two girls felt a “ghost” in their hotel room (me and my friend), she calmed them down and handled it immediately. Ms. Salcedo, you’re in your “girl boss” era.

Patrick Maguire. The king of Gladiator sports. Mr. Maguire has helped New Hyde Park sports teams tremendously. His gym warm ups keeps Gladiators ecstatic. He is literally THE gym rat. Mr. Maguire, you’re in your “gym grind” era.

Katie Kaspar. Ms. Kaspar, where do I start? Although I yawn in her class every single day (I swear I am just tired it has nothing to do with you), I adore this woman’s class. She has genuinely made everyone extremely prepared for college and prepped us so well for the AP test. Ms. Kaspar, you’re in your “ready for graduation” era.

Oronzo Rutigliano. Tiggs was my quote on quote “dad” during the France trip and he might be one of the funniest teachers in the school. Whether it was calling someone the wrong name or making a funny comment after every excursion, this man made me die of laughter on that trip. Mr. Rutigliano, you’re in your “comedian” era.

Mary Kay Mannle. Mrs. Mannle has been the best Chariot adviser ever. However, this woman truly shows her dedication to this club. She is always sitting there and working with us after school during layout. She always lends a helping hand and gets the best snacks. Mrs. Mannle, you’re in your “adviser queen” era.

What I hope you took away from this article is that quite literally anything can be an “era.” I adore all these teachers. Thanks lol

Sources by Morgan Oberwiler

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