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Hot Take with Heating

By Gregory Marzano and Asmita Saha

As winter approaches, the building’s temperature is becoming a primary concern for many students and faculty members. Despite the heating system being on, people have mixed feelings on the effectiveness of it at our school. Certain classrooms are warmer than others, while some radiators emit cold air instead of heat, and particular classrooms are better equipped to uphold a comfortable and warm atmosphere in the room.

“Memorial's heating system isn't effective throughout a school day. Some of the classrooms would be hot, the others would be really cold...”

There is a reason, however, that the rooms are the temperature they are. The heaters in the school blow air from the outside into the classrooms for health reasons. This keeps fresh air constantly circulating, in an effort to prevent the spread of illness. This is the main reason that the air from the radiators may feel cold. These 13 new units were installed five years ago. Overall, the heating system at NHP is working as it is supposed to. Boilers that are faulty are maintained as needed; at times, parts are replaced to ensure they remain functional. At this time, there is no need or plan to replace the entire system.

Students have reported having different experiences ranging from indifference to annoyance at the variant temperatures within the school.

“I don’t think the heat works very well. I’ve heard teachers and other students complain in class

that it’s cold in their classrooms,” said freshman Crystal Wu.

“The radiators make my Spanish classroom really warm, which really helps with the cold,” said freshman Ethan Ching.

“Memorial's heating system isn't effective throughout a school day. Some of the classrooms would be hot, the others would be really cold. It doesn't have a major effect on me since I wear a jacket to every classroom I go to,” said freshman Katelyn Vadakkan.

“Since it is cold outside, people have started bringing in jackets, and expect it to be hot or at least warm inside the school to combat the cold. The temperature inside isn't the same anymore and it is becoming annoying and an inconvenience. It’s a pretty big problem now as the cold grows,” said freshman Vishnu Suresh.

Source by Anna Detke

Junior Emma Treadwell cozies up with a sweatshirt to keep warm during the school day.

The varying temperatures in classrooms may be a concern for some students. For others, this issue does not really affect their learning.

“There’s not been much of an impact with the cold, I'm too focused on other things to notice,” said freshman Christine Wang.

The Sewanhaka Central High School District passed an increase in its budget last year, with one of the listed items in the edited budget proposal as “new boilers.” In other words, more funding is being channeled into improving the heating systems around the district.


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