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Honorable Underclassmen

By Sania Daniyal

The National Junior Honor Society, also known as NJHS, faced many challenges during the previous school year. Nevertheless, the club was proactive by conducting meetings and tutoring sessions through platforms such as Google Meet. Since school is now in person, the NJHS may resume its work in enriching the school community.

The officers diligently worked with their adviser Dr. Valdes to create new ideas for the club to implement exciting programs and a multitude of proposals to display leadership and community outreach throughout the school.

“They have to be in one extracurricular activity, possess good character, and not have any academic blemishes...”

“This year, we are starting back NJHS bigger and better! We are trying to get our students to be involved in the community through volunteering opportunities. We have a five-hour volunteering requirement per year. This year, it’s not about how many hours you did, but it’s about if you’re trying to take some time out of your day to do good for someone else,” said the secretary of NJHS, junior Tessa Cherian.

“It’s an honor being selected as president this year, and I would say I am most excited to organize and conduct various activities with my fellow officers as the school year progresses. I hope to see our new ideas come to life within our school. I also love to help others and hope to provide even more academic help to more students who require it as the school year progresses,” said the president of NJHS, junior Ava Geigle.

While most members of NJHS are returning to the club, others are new members who are adjusting to providing in-person tutoring and hosting events. Remote learning provided challenges in education and affected daily social interactions. For some, volunteering for the NJHS will take some getting used to.

“I have noticed that many people are not accustomed to being in a club with an active service component, and this will probably take some time to adjust. To make the transition smoother, the officers have decided we will not restrict volunteering to only tutoring,” said the treasurer of the NJHS, junior Helee Shukla.

Source by Christina Wilson

As students are inducted into the NJHS, they are required to complete volunteer hours.

“Even though things have opened up, COVID-19 has still put a hold on things that we would normally do. Although we do still have restrictions on certain things, I’m sure that this year will run smoothly, and I’m so excited to be this year's vice president! If anyone ever needs anything, the other officers and I are here and happy to help and we encourage all to reach out to us if they ever have any suggestions, questions, or concerns. I’m looking forward to a great year,” said the vice president of NJHS, sophomore Grace Heskial.

At recent NJHS meetings, members have been introduced to their requirements for the school year. The first few meetings had high attendance rates, which was remarkable considering some of the members had not been in the school building for almost two years.

“Seeing about 200 to 300 kids come to the cafeteria for meetings truly shows how dedicated our members are. As officers, my team and I will be trying our best to communicate with members and see what they expect to get out of the club,” said Cherian.

Dr. Valdes has been the adviser of the NJHS for many years. There are many things to look forward to for the club later in the school year. If students are interested in the NJHS, there are certain things they should prepare for.

“Students are inducted into the NJHS. They have a 90.0 unweighted average at the end of eighth, ninth, or tenth grade, they have to be in one extracurricular activity, possess good character, and not have any academic blemishes. Then they will be inducted, and NJHS becomes a club for them. If a student of any grade is aware of things we can do in the NJHS or has many volunteering opportunities, they can contact me directly,” said Dr. Valdes.


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