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Coping with COVID

By Samarth Jani and Evelyn Joseph

Over the last two years, students and teachers have faced some of the most challenging and stressful times of their lives. From being cooped up in houses to shifting to remote learning, students have had to adapt to a new way of life. But when any major change comes around, stress rises. Feelings of uncertainty, anxiousness, and the overall challenges that the pandemic brought all led to many feeling immense stress and having their mental health decline.

Many students and faculty members shared their experiences with dealing with stress during these unprecedented times.

“COVID-19 hit so many people and families hard, and everyone had a different way of coping with the pandemic. For me, I found entertainment as a way to cope. My Netflix account was very useful, and I watched every single movie,” said junior Mohamed Adam.

While some found that entertainment was their escape, others found solace in surrounding themselves with the people they loved and taking on different hobbies to pass time.

“I spent a lot of time with my family and my dog who helped me to feel loved. Even though I’m not a great baker, I started baking for my family because it provided me with something else I can use to focus on and distract myself with. Most importantly, I ran everyday, whether it was by myself or with friends, but running helped me so much with relieving stress and literally forgetting about everything else going on,” said junior Mirolla Mekaiel.

“Spending time with my wife and listening to new podcasts make me feel emotionally good, release endorphins and help relieve stress,” said Dean of Students Coach Dolan.

Source by Kristen Schneider

As workloads pile up, students are feeling an immense amount of stress after being back full-time since the pandemic started.

The junior high students of the school also have been affected immensely by the pandemic.

“Transitioning to a new school was almost as if I was entering a new world. I couldn’t see many people around school that I knew because of social distancing and new precautions. I was stressed that it would affect my relationships,” said seventh grader Aniya Varghese.

NHP is slowly getting back to normal, but the effects of COVID-19 still linger. Shifting from remote learning to full-time in person is not an easy feat. Students are struggling to balance loads of schoolwork and in-person extracurriculars. Talking to a trusted individual when things feel overwhelming can help relieve stress.


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