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Halloween Horrors

By Tanisha Patel

There is nothing better than sitting on a couch with a cozy blanket on a chilly October night, as a Halloween movie plays in the background. This year, Netflix has released modern Halloween movies that are catching people's attention. “Nightbooks,” “Intrusion” and “No One Gets Out Alive” are just a few Netflix originals that came out this year.

“Nightbooks” is about a young boy named Alex, who has to tell a scary story every night or else he is trapped in a wicked witch's apartment forever. With the rating being PG, this movie is intended for the younger generation or a film the whole family could enjoy.

“Intrusion” is an intriguing thriller about a deadly home invasion on a young couple's new dream home. The traumatized wife starts searching for answers and learns that this is just the beginning and more danger is encroaching on them. This movie is intended for audiences older than 14 as it is a thriller horror movie.

“No One Gets Out Alive” is an eerie thriller movie about a young immigrant, Ambar, from Mexico, who came to the United States in aspiration to live her American dream. She finds herself forced to take a room in a rundown Cleveland boarding house. While Ambar is in the boarding house, she starts hearing unsettling noises along with seeing uncanny visions throughout the old house. Because she is undocumented, she is unable to call the police in fear of deportation. This spine-tingling thriller shows the extreme measures Ambar takes to survive. This movie’s intended audience is 16 and older.

Many students have been expressing their interest for “No One Gets Out Alive.” They think it’s the perfect horror movie to get them into the Halloween spirit.

“This seems like a great movie especially because I love horror and thriller movies,” said freshman Abigail Chacko.

By Saffah Azeem

Students get into the Halloween spirit by watching Netflix original horrors.

“Looking at reviews, this is a great spooky thriller and I will most definitely be looking forward to watching this as Halloween approaches,” said freshman Victoria Guerrero.


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