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GoodNotes is Coming Back

By Hanny

With 2021 filled with the grand return of notorious school events and plans that were originally cancelled due to COVID-19, GoodNotes is finally making a long awaited return. After an extensive board meeting discussing student’s concerns with the utility of the iPads, the school came to the final decision of reinstating GoodNotes as the main note taking app.

The finalized plan creates a track for the reintroduction of GoodNotes into the curriculum within the next year. Starting with the re-education of teachers on how to use the application to the software being officially brought back to student’s Self Service by the end of April, NHP is looking forward to a smooth transition.

Teachers were already given accessibility to GoodNotes and were given the liberties of using it to enhance their teaching experience.

Source from Stye Ellis

GoodNotes is already accessible in the Self Service application for teachers and all staff.

Students are ecstatic with the return of GoodNotes, since it was favored for its easy organization and accessibility of notes.

“I’m so unbelievably happy that GoodNotes is finally returning. It was my main note taking app before it was replaced with OneNote. I love how much easier it is to separate my notes into each notebook and organize everything,” said senior Mike Wazowski.

“OMG! That is an OmegaLUL and poggers moment XD. Writing was epic on GoodNotes, since it allowed me to zoom into the page better. I think getting it back will make it easier to take certain classes, especially because OneNote was absolute dogwater,” said sophomore Olivia's succulent.

Source from GÜDnotes

The GoodNotes application is shown in a symbolistic image to represent its coveted and deep rooted appreciation it holds at our school.

The future of NHP Memorial’s education is taking a turn for the better with new options coming to the forefront. The administration, along with teachers, hope that the restoration of GoodNotes helps improve and flourish students’ educational experience.


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