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Finally Saying Farewell

By Nicolette Caneda

Congratulations to my fellow graduates! The Class of 2021 will forever be remembered as “unique” to say the least. We began our time as the guinea pigs for the new blue and white team system and ended amidst a global pandemic. Talk about action. I never realized how much went into planning events, gaining input from peers, and working with the grade as a whole. Although taxing, this work was well worth it. It filled me with such pride and joy to watch everyone enjoy the events I put together for them. Learning and growing alongside all of you has been something I will forever remember and cherish.

I truly believe that the Class of 2021 is destined for amazing things. In my time at NHP, I have gotten to know many of you, create lifelong friendships and learn valuable lessons. To our teachers and faculty, thank you for everything. You all were willing to listen to anything and everything. I know I have not had all of you, but I know how much of a difference you have made for each and every student. To the teachers I was lucky enough to have, all of you have made a significant impact on me as both a student and an individual. You always inspired and motivated me to put my best efforts forward in anything I did. The wonderful faculty, students, and New Hyde Park memorial community inspired me to completely immerse myself in making our class and last memories together as great as they could be.

Source by Anna Detke

Senior Class President Nicolette Caneda communicates with class advisor, Mr. Fernhoff, to plan events for the senior class.

This year, we were all tested. Everything we have come to know changed in the matter of two weeks and we immediately realized everything we had taken for granted. Our relationships were put behind a screen, and friendly smiles in the halls were covered by masks. Lectures that were given while walking up and down crowded aisles were put behind screens. Teachers couldn’t see the uneasy looks on students’ faces who were too shy to raise their hands, and instead they stared at colorful dots on their screens.

This transition was one that we never even dreamt of in all our years here, but it happened. It happened and left a great impact on our students, teachers, school, community, and the entire world. I am grateful to represent us during this trying time and attempt to work around these new restrictions to make up for the memories we lost. As always, the Class of 2021 went through hard times and came out stronger than ever. I am so proud of all of you, and I wish you all the best in your future. The world is waiting for you. My best advice to all of you is to always strive for more. Celebrate your accomplishments but never feel like you cannot do more because every time you think you cannot, I guarantee you have a lot more left than you think.


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