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Features Editor Causes NHP To Shake

By Dylan Sanichara

On April 5th, New Hyde Park experienced what had seemed to be an earthquake.  However, there was no earthquake as it was made up by features editor Marco Valle. The reason for the false claim was because Marco caused the whole building to shake as he was throwing a temper tantrum. Members of the Chariot staff were in shock when the news hit.

“It’s hard to believe that our class president would do something like that,” junior Arjit Nair said. “I know he has a lot on his plate, but he should not be acting out like this.”

Marco Valle is the president of the class of 2025, features editor, takes multiple APs, and finds time to go rock climbing with Mr.Yazak. Marco also takes four AP classes. AP exams are in the air which can create some tension and raise anxiety levels for students. 

 “I take four AP classes, play cricket, write for The Chariot and so much more, but you don't see me throwing temper tantrums and blaming it on an earthquake,” junior Sahir Bhatia said. 

According to fellow writers, Marco Valle was seen rolling around and stomping on the ground in the student activities room. It was reported that he was screaming “I hate the Chief-Editors” and “We need to push back the deadline.” This caused the school to shake as well as the rest of New Hyde Park. Luckily the students were safe.

“I don’t even know what I witnessed,” seventh grader Leah Sanichara said. “I went down because I had a question about the Chariot and I see this”

Source by Grace Leonard

Junior Alex Tomalski falls on a table as a result of Marco's temper tantrum

Marco is currently being investigated as his tantrum was nothing ordinary. Some houses were affected and experienced an aftershock. It was a difficult time for some people.

“I spilled water all over myself and it was because of a tantrum,” junior Richard Shibu said.

The tantrum was compared to a 4.8 magnitude earthquake; impressive, but dangerous. This is a serious threat to New Hyde Park and especially the Chariot staff. It is important for the work environment to be stable as it allows the staff to be productive.  Marco’s time as features editor may be nearing an end. His time at New Hyde Park Memorial High School may be nearing an end as well.

“Marco is a dear friend of mine, but what he did was wrong,” junior Alex Tomalski said. “I will miss him but he did cause an earthquake and that is no bueno”.


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