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Editors-In-Chief Caught Violating Child Labor Laws

By Evyn Roliz

As The Chariot Staff finalized the April 2024 issue, various accusations of violation of child labor laws arose regarding the Editors-in-Chief, Linda Cheung and Fiona O’Reilly. These reports were filed by fellow staff members who noticed that News Editor Darsh Mirchandani was required to work extra hours on his Chariot assignments. Both Editors-in-Chief have now been arrested for their exploitation.

“Darsh was barely able to sleep or eat. He was working overtime way too often. I even heard that he was having trouble getting his schoolwork done because of all that he has been doing for The Chariot, which is very unlike him,” junior Rachel Jacob said. 

Source by Rachel Jacob

Darsh takes a nap (on the floor) after editing for hours. He is not allowed a bed.

However, the Editors-in-Chief previously argued that Darsh’s requirement to work overtime for The Chariot was necessary. 

“This work is mandatory for Darsh — and it’s also good for him. It’s teaching him how to handle the workload of the real world,” Editor-in-Chief Fiona O’Reilly said. 

“Darsh isn’t even overworked. In fact, he was doing the bare minimum. We expect more from our staff and so far, Darsh has been accomplishing as much as he can. We knew he had potential, so we pushed him to his limits,” Editor-in-Chief Linda Cheung said. 

Now that the reports that Linda and Fiona were arrested have been confirmed, Darsh plans to take a brief rest before beginning to prepare for the June issue. 

“I’ve been getting less than three hours of sleep per day, but I’m hoping it’s all worth it. Now that Linda and Fiona are no longer giving me orders, I’m going to take a 24 hour long nap — no joke. I’m not kidding,” Darsh Mirchandani said. 

Linda and Fiona are now patiently awaiting their trial as the rest of the staff prepares for the publication of the April issue. 

“Whatever the press says, it isn’t true — Darsh is hard working and we were only doing our jobs,” Fiona O’Reilly said.


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