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"Did You Know That There's" a New Del Rey Album

By Manal Rashid

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, more popularly known as Lana Del Rey, has been through many ups and downs throughout her musical career. She introduced her music to the public in 2006 by performing at club gigs and open mic nights and rose to fame in 2011 with her song “Video Games.” She has been adored by many for her melancholic beats, and 12 years later, many fans still yearn for her sound.

Del Rey released her ninth studio album titled “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd” on March 24. The singer-songwriter created a work of mostly pop and alternative music, with influences in folk, gospel and trap. Throughout the record, she touches on topics of family, religion, death and growth within the sixteen tracks.

Leading up to the album’s release, Del Rey dropped three singles which consisted of the title track, “A&W” and “The Grants.”

The album opens with “The Grants,” which portrays her love for her family roots, hence the title of this track. She sings, “I’m gonna take mine of you with me,” which connects to how the singer is taking memories of her sister’s first-born child and her grandmother’s last smile with her when she passes. The theme of remembrance and family is encapsulated through this song and the song “Kintsugi,” emphasizing this idea throughout the album.

The title track is a dreamy ballad centered around vocals from the artist. Her voice sings vulnerable lyrics that share her feelings about the fear of being forgotten. “There’s a tunnel under Ocean Boulevard,” is in reference to the Jergins Tunnel, which has been forgotten since it was closed in 1967 in Long Beach, California. Del Rey concludes the song by singing, “Don’t forget me,” and urges her fans to prevent what happened to the Jergins Tunnel from occurring to her as well.

“'DYKTTATUOB' is a masterpiece through and through. Each song has a distinct sound, with some of them leaning into different genres, like hip hop and country, yet still maintaining that signature whimsical, coquettish vibe she’s known for. I love this album, and it was an instant favorite upon first listen,” junior Nicole Donnelly said.

Source by Ashwathi Chemban

Lana Del Ray illustrates the complexity of the album through her album cover and title.

“A&W” is a seven minute song that begins with discussing the innocence Del Rey possessed in her childhood and gradually transitions into her adulthood where she partakes in promiscuous activities. The song starts off with little emphasis on the production and more focus on her angelic voice. This completely flips, as she utilizes a trap beat later on. Del Rey touches upon heavy topics, such as sexual assault and the criticism she faced during her early career through the lyrics. “Candy Necklace” sheds emphasis on the same kind of negative experiences within individuals.

Despite the somber messages in many tracks, songs such as “Let The Light In” highlight the warm feeling love can bring despite the complexity of a relationship.

“The album has so many solid tracks, but my favorite is probably ‘Fingertips.’ It’s lyrically amazing and such a great representation of grief. She gets really personal with this track, and each lyric is incredibly insightful,” junior Guneet Hanjra said.

“Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd” is one of Del Rey’s more challenging albums that touch on grief and family in a heartbreaking manner. Like many of Del Rey’s prior albums, she utilizes her voice to share her feelings and tell a story with poetic lyrics.

“This album is very similar to her old albums in the sense that she induces deep emotion through her songs. Her vocals are lower and quieter, and the songs tend to be slower. That’s not saying that she hasn’t done this before, but it is more prominent in this album,” junior Veronica Fulgieri said. “I listen to this album when I feel solitary. It makes me feel like I am in my own movie, especially when the songs match my mood.”


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