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Prime Time: Daisy Jones and the Six

By Julia Esposito and Rachel Priest

After dominating charts and hearts of many readers since its release in 2019, Taylor Jenkins Reid's bestselling novel “Daisy Jones & the Six” was adapted to the big screens for an Amazon Prime Video television miniseries this past March. Since its release, fans have not gotten enough of seeing the beloved characters and music come to life.

The original book, published in March 2019, followed the story of a fictional rock band in the 1970s and their rise to fame, along with unraveling the truth behind their mysterious breakup. Between the love triangles, secret relationships and character growth throughout the novel, all with a nostalgic ‘70s aesthetic, it is easy to understand why fans were captivated by its release.

As over one million copies sold, adoration from many fans grew as well. Once the miniseries was announced and teased, anticipation quickly consumed “BookTok” and “BookTube” (the book-loving communities of TikTok and YouTube).

“I loved the book so much when I first read it, so I was counting the days until the show was released on Amazon Prime Video!” senior Melinda Mathew said.

The show aired its first episodes on March 3 starring Riley Keough as Daisy Jones and Sam Claflin as Billy Dunne. The pair’s captivating chemistry as the lead singers of the band not only drew viewers into the series and storyline but also to the corresponding album of music from the show released along with the episodes. On Spotify, “Daisy Jones & the Six” has already surpassed over 3.5 million monthly listeners.

“It was so cool to see how the music came alive from the original book. The song ‘Look At Us Now (Honeycomb)’ was a big part of the story, so it is really awesome that I can finally listen to it,” senior Gabriella Bonetti said.

Source by Debarati Chowdhury

Fans swoon over the '70s aesthetic the show depicts within its episodes.

While the series mainly stays true to the original plot of the book, the producers further developed a previously one dimensional character to provide more historically accurate representation. In the book, Simone is a disco singer and primarily is incorporated in the story to be Daisy Jones’ best friend. However, when adapted to television, the show runners gave her a LGBTQ+ storyline to reflect the influence and relationship between the queer community and disco music. By introducing Simone and her girlfriend to audiences, Taylor Jenkins Reid and producers shine light on often forgotten history.

Whether you are a long-time fan of the book or a new lover of the series, “Daisy Jones & the Six” has won the hearts of many viewers and has many asking - will there be a season two?


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