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Decade Day

By Rachel Priest

Every year, many twelfth graders at NHP look forward to showing off their school spirit during senior week. These students may get stressed thinking about what is to come, but on Decade Day, they were able to forget about the future by traveling to the past. Leather jackets, bell bottom jeans and neon outfits filled up the hallways this year.

Source from Jordyn Neu

Seniors Grace Aderibigbe, Jordyn Neu and Nicole Lelay dress as hippies and meet up with Alisha Koshy, from the colonial era.

“I thought it was really cool seeing everybody have their own idea on what they wanted to be and really playing the part. Decade Day was definitely my favorite day out of the whole week and the best part was teachers instantly calling out what decade you were from,” senior Jordyn Neu said.

Source from Sareena Jacob

Seniors Leah Chacko and Sareena Jacob take it all the way back to the glamorous days of the roaring 20s.

“I thought Decade Day was really adorable this year, and I saw a lot of people go all out. I matched with my best friend Leah, and we were supposed to be Jay Gatsby and Daisy Bunchaan from the 1920s. I think most people ended up doing 70s and 90s looks, which was really cute. It was probably my favorite day of dressing up for senior week,” senior Sareena Jacob said.

Source from Sara Hopkins

Seniors Sara Hopkins and Isabella Vecchio wear layered shirts and a velour track suit, which are inspired by style trends from the 2000s.

“I thought it was very fun dressing up like a decade and it was fun seeing my friends doing it too,” senior Jamie Medina said.

Source by Max O'Connor and Jeremiah Varghese

Max O'Connor, Michael Thomas, Sanjit Menon, Jeremiah Varghese, Jeremy Joy and Christin Medayil show off their classic 50s leather jacket as the Greasers.

“For Decade Day, I threw it back to the 50s. I dressed up as a greaser, sporting a genuine black leather bike jacket, which I borrowed from my dad and had a gray tank top underneath. On my lower half I wore some bootcut jeans and black boots, accessorizing with some bandanas and an ornate buckle,” senior Max O'Connor said.


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