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Chariot is the Best Club.

By @notbiasedatall007

It may no longer be March, but the madness sure does continue. We surveyed tens of thousands of NHP high school students and got their rankings of the top 3 clubs our school has to offer.

In third, and dead last place, comes the weaker link of the publications, The Lance. Don’t be fooled by their aesthetic pages and admittedly awesome layouts, the yearbook staff is an angry force you better beware of. After ten too many incidents, many seniors have come forward saying they will press charges against the publication’s staff for their “hostile nature” in asking for their baby photos for this year’s yearbook.

“To say I was distressed was an understatement. Too many confusing deadlines! I had to resort to my one, never- failing coping mechanism, rereading my favorite chariot articles!” said a brave senior, speaking his truth.

This senior sharing from the depths of his heart is not the only student that prefers The Chariot.

Source by Rachel Houng

The Chariot is on top of the podium... the Lance is on the bottom, yikes... and all the other other clubs are simply second because they are whatever.

“The yearbook is mainly all photographs! Where are all the big words and long articles! The chariot is for the real intellectuals of our school,” said a really smart NHP student.

Moving on to second place, there was a miraculous tie between all the other clubs our school has to offer! So congratulations to Artisans Club, Best Buddies, Builders Club, Business Honor Society, Chambers Singers, Chess Club, FBLA, FCCLA, Financiers Club Academy, French Club, Gay Straight Alliance, Gladiator Nation, Heroes Club, International Culture Club, Italian Club, Jazz Band, Key Club, GEAR Club, the Arena, Marching Band, Mathletes, Model UN, National Art Honor Society, National English Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, National Math Honor Society, National Science Honor Society, National Senior Honor Society, National Social Studies Honor Society, National Tri-M Music Honor Society, NHP Productions, NHP Theater, Red Cross Club, SADD, SPEC, Science Olympiad, Seekers Clubs, Service League, Sierra Club, Spanish Club, Stage Crew, String Ensemble, Student Congress, Student Council, Varsity Club and World Language Honor Society. You all received middle rankings because you are all MID.

Moving swiftly along, we have reached the big reveal. After much thought and consideration, the students of New Hyde Park have chosen that the best club our school has to offer is …. The Chariot!!! Wow, this comes with great shock to all of our hardworking and dedicated editors. It truly was just an honor just to be nominated. We would like to thank the academy and most importantly, our mother, Mrs. Mannle. We couldn’t do it without you. I would like to offer a toast to the other, underachieving clubs. May you soon strive for the level of perfection that The Chariot encompasses. Thank you.


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