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25 Going on 30

By Zahra Mazkur

After six long years of waiting and anticipation, Adele dropped her new album, “30.” Her new album is fueled with the emotional turmoil of her recent separation with Simon Konecki.

Although just released on November 19 of this year, the album has already been critically acclaimed by many sources. Rolling Stone wrote a review on 30calling it “the best Adele album yet.” Adele’s fans at New Hyde Park Memorial seem to agree.

“This album has so much meaning in it. It’s insane. Adele’s songwriting ability is the best of the best. All of the songs in the album were amazing, but my favorite has to be ‘Women Like Me,’” said seventh grader Bella Boldenhorn.

The main thing that inspired Adele to write this album was her divorce. Adele came from a household with separated parents and in a telling interview, she revealed, “I promised myself that once I had children, my family would stay together… I tried for a really, really long time, and then I was just so disappointed for my son. I was so disappointed in myself.” The vulnerability in Adele’s words proved to fans that her music was truly authentic.

Source by Kristen Schneider

Fans blast Adele's new album using their favorite music streaming apps.

“I think that compared to her other albums, this one is more personal. The song ‘My Little Love’ was honestly heartbreaking, since it involved her having a conversation with her son about the emotions she was feeling, and honestly, the production of this album's songs were different compared to her other ones. Even though it’s different, she didn’t disappoint,” said sophomore Manal Rashid.

After listening to the album, it is clear that Adele does not just make music for her fans, but also herself. Rather than expressing anger or bitterness towards the divorce, the album explores how she took the next step after being faced with such intense disappointment and heartbreak. With her detailed lyrics and pure emotion, it is clear her new album was meant “To Be Loved.”


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