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Kardashing to Pete

By Navpreet Singh

Businesswoman and CEO of KKW Beauty, Kim Kardashian, and "Saturday Night Live" star Pete Davidson have made it official. However, some fans are beginning to question the authenticity of their relationship. With major tragedies occurring everyday like the horrific Astroworld concert, could their “connection” just be used to distract the world from the important issues in the media?

The two first met on the set of "SNL" in early 2019. Almost two years later, Kim Kardashian was back to host the popular late night show. In a skit, the pair cosplayed the two love interests in Disney’s "Aladdin." The scene ended with their characters sharing a kiss.

Source by Hannah Kim

Believers of the couple's love reminisce on the kiss they feel started it all.

Many thought their relationship was strictly professional. That all changed when they were spotted together during the Halloween season. The two were seen on a supposed date in the theme park holding hands. Since then, they have been seen multiple times together.

“It’s such an unlikely pairing. I never would’ve seen it coming,” said sophomore Wren Suh.

After the Astroworld concert tragedy on November 5, the news of their relationship became drastically more publicized by the media. This led many to believe that the new couple’s relationship is meant to be a distraction. Many eyes have been on the Kardashian family as Travis Scott is the father to Kylie Jenner’s child. Now that news sources have been focusing on the brewing love between Kim and Pete, less weight is on the family’s shoulders to speak about the tragedy. Since the Kardashians have been known to make calculated moves in the public eye before, many think the new couple’s “true love” really isn’t that true. Given the circumstances, fans and major media outlets are dubbing their relationship a publicity stunt.

“I found it off-putting at first. I could never see them together as they are polar opposites. It could be a publicity stunt but hopefully, it is not,” said sophomore Georgina Giannatsis.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, despite the rumors, appear to be happy and are continuing their relationship.


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