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Wrapped in Surprises

By Dhara Patel and Nyelle Sarreal

The nature of content shared through Spotify has enabled the audio streaming service to establish its niche within the competitive social media landscape. As a result, Spotify has pioneered a precedent as the first social media platform to present an interactive summary to its users, a business model that other social media companies have quickly adopted. As a result, many students, faculty and staff are unsurprised by the amount of popularity that Spotify Wrapped has garnered within the New Hyde Park community.

Source by Darsh Mirchandani

Miles sits next to Mr. Buith, who shows his 2022 Spotify Wrapped results.

Spotify captures its signature interactive style through the use of a 12-slide presentation. At the conclusion of the display, viewers receive a 100-song playlist, encompassing a variety of genres and songs, all tailored toward each listener’s specific preferences.

These results have caused varied emotions among Spotify listeners. Some were content having predicted their outcome, while other teachers were greatly surprised upon viewing their yearly summary. The excitement filled a variety of classrooms.

“My top five genres were rap, pop, Italian pop, reggaeton and rock,” science teacher Mr. D’Ammassa said. “I was surprised I listened to enough pop for it to be considered number two, but the rest sounds right.”

“I think it’s cool to see what other people are listening to. I am personally an onion of music; I have many different layers of music. From Bad Bunny to MudVayne, I listen to it all,” Spanish teacher Ms. Salcedo said.

Spotify Wrapped had teachers and students wrapped in differing emotions.

“I was surprised! My wrapping was skewed by replaying certain songs for days. Overall, my music taste has shifted to more upbeat pop music which was interesting to see,” art teacher Ms. Avanzi said.


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