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"Stuck in the Middle" of the Week

By Christina Wilson and Rachel Houng

The “Wednesday” of Disney’s Diaz Family is now the new Wednesday Addams of the new Netflix series “Wednesday.” Jenna Ortega has captured the eyes of many students at New Hyde Park with her latest work.

Jenna Ortega was introduced to the public with the Disney show, “Stuck in the Middle.” Although she had various roles in earlier movies and shows, this was considered by many as her breakthrough.

“I thought she executed the middle child trouble perfectly. I’m not a middle child, but as an individual of the same age, it was really easy to relate to Harley as a teenager in general,” senior Ruth Solomon said.

Following the series' end in 2018, Jenna Ortega continued her role as Princess Isabel in the Disney Jr. show “Elena of Avalor.” In addition, many noticed her appearance as Ellie Alves in season two of another Netflix hit show, “YOU.” She also starred in a range of other shows and movies; Ortega participated in “The Fallout,” alongside Maddie Ziegler. This movie highlighted the trauma and pain young individuals go through following a school shooting. Some have felt that this marked a transition in the types of roles Jenna Ortega embodied.

Source by Saffah Azeem

Fans rave over Ortega's seamless transition from Disney to Hollywood.

Jenna Ortega’s newest role propelled her further into the spotlight. She recently gained 10 million followers on Instagram since the release of “Wednesday.” As she took on the role of Wednesday, she expressed her difficulty depicting “emotion in an emotionless character.” Many people applauded her performance.

“I think Jenna Ortega did ‘Wednesday’ justice as she had big shoes to fill from the classic Addams family movie. She added a newer, darker twist which made the show more enjoyable,” senior Melinda Mathew said.

“I think she did a really good job in bringing a classic character into a modern-day world. She took the role and made it her own,” senior Maggie Gray said.

“Jenna Ortega truly made ‘Wednesday’ a capturing series. Her performance showed how much she has grown from her Disney channel days, and she embodied the character [Wednesday] in an entertaining and riveting way,” junior Olivia Loubriel said.

As “Wednesday” accumulates more popularity, many expect to see more from Jenna Ortega.


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