We Miss Our “Full House” of “Golden Girls”

By Darsh Mirchandani

Recently, Bob Saget and Betty White passed away. These stars’ influence on the entertainment industry and their respective audiences will not be forgotten, however, their legacies will live on in different ways.

On January 9, 2021, the stand-up comedian and actor, Saget, passed away at age 65. When his family was not able to reach him, they called his hotel and security was sent to investigate. He was found in his room at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, and at 4:20 p.m., he was pronounced dead. The medical examiner determined that there was no evidence of foul play. On February 9, a statement was released confirming that the cause of death was head trauma.

Three weeks before turning 100, actress White passed away on December 31, 2021. She died peacefully in her sleep due to a stroke that she had suffered six days earlier. Rumors then began to circulate that her death was related to the COVID-19 vaccine booster shot she had received three days earlier. This claim was denied by White’s agent and close friend.

“Betty White was a great person as well as a great actress. I found Bob Saget extremely funny in ‘Full House.’ I think that both of their deaths were very sad and Bob Saget's death certainly came as a surprise to me,” eighth grader Mason Berardelli said.

Saget was a stand-up comedian and actor known for his role of Danny Tanner in “Full House” and being the host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” In addition to his fatherly role on the ABC sitcom, he also took part in more adult-style jokes and material for his career as a stand-up comedian.

White had at least 28 roles, spanning over a time period of eight decades. From “The Golden Girls” to “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” she is known for her acting roles in a multitude of popular and classic shows. However, she is also recognized for her off-screen appearances as well. For instance, she was the first woman to produce a national television show. She advocated for animal rights, LGBTQ+ rights and for HIV/AIDS awareness. She was a trailblazing feminist and was known for not being afraid of straying from the status quo. In 1954, White invited an African-American tap dancer onto her show during a time when the south was still segregated. When television stations tried to threaten her, White simply responded with “Live with it.”

Source by Mary Kay Mannle

People magazine published White's celebratory issue before both her birthday milestone and death.

“Betty White was such a great person and stood up constantly for those who were less fortunate. Whether it was for animals and their rights or for the members of the LGBTQ+ she always seemed to stand up for the little guy. Her impact will never go unnoticed,” eighth grader Ryan Coyle said.

White and Saget have both impacted the entertainment industry in their own unique ways.