Love is in the Air-Pods

By Dejana Gillespie and Melinda Mathew

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, love is in the air. But for most people, love is in their AirPods, and many question why these songs are so popular.

Although love is a universal emotion, many feel lost or confused when faced with the strong feeling. So, many resonate with relatable love songs.

Love songs are showcased in many different genres. Although music might vary through different vibes and styles, the universal thing that these songs have in common is the feeling the song gives. Take the hits “Can’t Fight This Feeling” by REO Speedwagon and “The Way” by Ariana Grande for example. Musically, these songs are nothing alike. One is a rock ballad, while the other is a complete pop bop. However, both can be found on a Valentine’s Day playlist this upcoming Monday. The genre of love songs having such variety allows all people with different tastes to enjoy the feeling of love through music.

Love is not confined to just ballads and pop songs, though. For instance, some New Hyde Park Memorial students listen to rap songs to prepare for the celebration of love this February 14.

“Many don’t associate love songs with rap that often. But for me, I believe that rap songs are the perfect representation of the emotion. For example, my favorite love song is ‘Desire’ by Juice WRLD. I think the fast-paced song flawlessly captures the feelings of your heart racing fast when you are in love,” junior Julia Fulgieri said.

Source by Hannah Kim

Students listen to their favorite love songs to prepare for Valentine's Day.

Another commonly beloved aspect of love songs is the range of different types of love encapsulated in different songs. From forbidden love songs like “Rewrite the Stars” from “The Greatest Showman” to deep love songs such as “Someone Like You” by Adele and Rihanna’s hit “Stay” ranging all the way back to cheerful love songs that make you want to dance around your room, like “Stay Stay Stay” and “Paper Rings” by Taylor Swift. As many people believe, the feeling of love has a wide range. It all depends on who people love and how they love them. The emotion can be so unfamiliar to most people, as each experience with love can be so different from another. Although, as people constantly interact with these foreign feelings, it makes it easier having a musical artist sing lyrics that perfectly relate to thoughts, as it gives many comfort in knowing they aren’t alone.

In some cases, certain love songs aren’t popular because they are relatable. Instead, many listeners romanticize their life with tracks that fill them with hope, desire and of course, love. It leaves them longing for someone who makes them feel the way they feel when they listen to a particular song.

“My favorite long song is ‘You and I’ by John Legend because I just find it sweet since he’s saying she’s the only girl in the world in his eyes. Yet, it also makes me feel so single,” said freshman Zury Contreras.

It doesn’t matter what type of genre or feeling of love songs people are listening to or what’s in their mind while listening. The main purpose of long songs isn’t tied down to one reason. One song can make a room full of people feel a tidal wave of different emotions. The one thing they have the power to do, though, is make them feel something. So, as Alicia Keys said, “Everything means nothing… without a great love song.”