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Ticked off at Ticketmaster

By Navpreet Singh

Since the last time Taylor Swift performed in 2017 during her “Reputation Stadium Tour,” she has released four more studio albums and two rerecordings. With all the new music, Swifties were anticipating mention of an upcoming tour. On November 1, they received their wish when she posted on social media that she is going to be performing “The Eras Tour.”

“The Eras Tour” is set to start on March 17, 2023 and will conclude on August 23. In total, the tour will have 52 dates across the country filled with opening acts by a multitude of artists including Phoebe Bridgers, Paramore, Beabadoobee, girl in red, MUNA, HAIM, GAYLE, Owenn and Gracie Abrams.

Swift initially started with 27 shows, but due to such high demand she added 25 more tour dates. However, there were still a large number of fans that did not receive tickets. Ticketmaster sent out about 1.5 million presale codes, giving fans the ability to purchase tickets before the general sale. Despite this, the other two million fans who signed up for the presale code were either left hopeless or depending on friends and family to get them tickets.

The general sale was supposed to come out a few days after the presale. However, due to the lack of venue space and system glitches, Ticketmaster canceled it. Because they sold 2.4 million tickets on the day of the presale, which was the most an artist had sold in a single day, the website could not keep up with the demand.

Source by Kristen Schneider

Staring at the queue for hours, Swifties feel hopeless as the system begins to "Glitch."

Ticketmaster put out a statement apologizing to Swift’s fans who could not get tickets after waiting for hours and those dedicated listeners who did not even get a code. Many fans blamed Swift as well for not controlling what happened. She responded to the dilemma via social media apologizing for what occurred while mentioning that her team is attempting to figure out an alternative way to get her loyal fan base tickets.

Some fans at NHP reached the sale on time, while others resonate with Swifities who were unable to gain access.

“A lot of people knew I really wanted to go to the concert, so I had a few family members and friends trying to get tickets. It was very stressful because of all the website glitches, but my friend was able to get three tickets after waiting all day on the queue. It was really unfortunate that a lot of die-hard fans lost the chance to see her,” senior Gabriella Bonetti said.

“The process of trying to purchase tickets was rather difficult. I did not receive a presale code, but my friend was trying to get tickets for a small group of us that were hoping to go together. They waited in the waiting room for hours, but they were unable to get tickets once they were taken out of the waiting room. Due to her not doing a general sale, I imagine a lot of fans will not be able to attend the show,” social studies teacher Ms. Stack said.

On December 12, Swift took action to change things by instructing Ticketmaster to send an email to a selected number of verified fans who did not get tickets. The email said that they have the opportunity to purchase two tickets in an upcoming sale. Although it does not help all of the two million people left ticketless, efforts are being made.


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