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By Fatima Naysa

Centre Stage’s latest production, “The Wizard of New Hyde Park,” was showcased on February 3 and February 4. The performance was a spin on the Wizard of Oz, with the show consisting of several references that related to the NHP community. Centre Stage, an inclusive drama program for both special needs and mainstream students, held hourly practices every Monday and Wednesday in the cafeteria a month and half before the show to prepare. At practice, members learned the dance routines as well as the script. The actors separated into groups and got to work right away to work on lines, dances and songs.

In prior years, Centre Stage has produced “New Hyde Park Goes to the Movies” and “Happily Ever After at NHP.” Each year, there has been support from the administration, parents and community. The performers showed their dedication by attending practices and learning their dance routines and script. The club officers and leaders were involved in the process, choreographing the dance numbers and helping to organize the production.

Source from Emily McKenna

Danielle Zitti, Olivia Tomalska, Emily McKenna and Chris Cooney enthusiastically interact during the performance.

Many thought that the theme of the Wizard of NHP was a fun twist on the story of Dorothy and her journey to Oz. Compared to last year, there were more costume changes and scenes.

Some of those involved in Centre Stage have shared positive experiences during the preparation and performance of the show.

“It gives all the kids a character they know and love to act out in their own way! All the kids did a great job in adapting their character to how they think they should act. This experience has been life changing for me, and I will never forget all the memories made this year!” Centre Stage dance captain Kaitlyn Bell said.

“I have had a great time working on stage. As a senior who is only just joining Best Buddies, I got to learn the names of everyone and make some amazing friendships. These kids are the sweetest and so fun to talk to,” senior Sara Gustafson said. “If you are younger and in Best Buddies, get involved! It is so much fun, take every opportunity you have because it's something you won't forget.”

Source from Emily McKenna

Peter Fadoul and Jonathan DeLuca perform on stage, both as the tin man.

“Our future goal for Centre Stage is to encourage more students to join Centre Stage. It provides a wonderful opportunity for students to develop friendships outside of the classroom. All students are welcome! Lisa Bocchino and I are very proud of all the students who have participated in Centre Stage, both past and present, and thank them all for their commitment to Centre Stage,” Centre Stage adviser Ms. McLaughlin said.

“The women who run Centre Stage are wonderful and because they have been working with us for three years now, they know and understand everyone involved. I can’t really compare our production to other schools, but I do know that not many schools have a production like this so we are very lucky!” Centre Stage adviser Ms. Bocchino said.


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