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NHP students spent February break exploring France and Monaco.

By Rachel Priest and Morgan Oberwiler

During the February break, 43 students and seven teachers from the language department flew overseas to France for an eight day trip. The group organizer, Ms. Salcedo, planned many sightseeing activities and excursions for the group, filling the duration of their time with everlasting memories.

After landing, the first three days of the journey started in Paris. Initially, Gladiators went to the Paris Saint-Germain FC soccer stadium where they were able to see the home field of France’s national team. Throughout the rest of the Paris experience, students explored the Louvre Museum and Palace of Versailles where they learned about famous artwork, sculptures and history. Additionally, they visited Notre Dame, but because they could not tour it physically because of the reconstruction, they had a virtual reality tour instead, learning about the timeline of how the church was created.

Source by Rachel Priest

Students leap for joy as they experience landmarks they had previously only seen online.

“The virtual reality tour was a very immersive and fun experience to have with my friends,” senior Max Zembera said.

The Gladiators were also able to climb the Eiffel Tower to the second floor and experience a boat ride along the river in the evening, allowing them to pass through the city from a different perspective.

Source by Rachel Priest

Many students document their experience on social media, filling Snapchat stories with pictures of the Eiffel Tower.

“My favorite place was Paris because the scenery was so cute, and the Eiffel Tower at night was so beautiful,” senior Ava Geigle said.

The next city they traveled to was Provence. After the four hour train ride, they got off to see the Pont du Gard aqueduct, an ancient Roman bridge. They continued their journey by visiting the arena, where they got to see what it was like to battle during medieval times.

Source by Rachel Priest

Modern-day Gladiators see years of history as they continue on their adventure.

Next, the Gladiators got their passports stamped and stopped in Monaco, where they were able to visit the famous Monte Carlo while shopping. Here, they saw the changing of the Color Guard, alongside looking through the little shops. After this, they headed over to the Exotic Gardens where they were able to see a once in a lifetime view that veered over the rest of Monaco. Then, it was finally time to head over to the Fragonard Perfume Factory, where they learned how perfume was made and were even able to try their own.

“I liked how free and relaxed the trip was. The teachers did a great job taking care of the students, making sure we all had a great time,” junior Julia Tewes said.

After venturing through the country of Monaco, the students hopped on a bus to hit their final destination: Nice. Later on, they went on a bike tour and traveled through Nice, learning about its geography and history. Following the bike tour, it was time for the final dinner. Gladiators put on their best outfits to eat at a high-end French restaurant, which allowed them to fully immerse themselves into French culture.

Source by Rachel Priest

In Nice, students visit Saint Paul de Vence, where they shop in the small stores nestled in the mountains.

Students were not only able to learn about French culture, but also make memories from the trip to France. They recollected their overall experience.

“My favorite place that we visited was Nice because of how alive the city was. I loved walking by carnival, the food and bonding with the group throughout the whole trip,” senior Brenda Bolouvi said.

“France was such an amazing experience. The exposure to different people, cultures and history with my classmates was not only educational, but unforgettable,” senior Nicole DiMartino said.

Source by Rachel Priest

(Clockwise from top left) Seniors Matthew Ramos, Max Zembera, Morgan Oberwiler, Nicole DiMartino, Rachel Priest, Audrey Mikowski, Ava Geigle, Arianna Bianculli and Madison Reilly huddle together to take a photo at the Palace of Versailles.


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