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The Tragic Truth Behind Kate Middleton's "Disappearance"

By Zahra Mazkur

Catherine, Princess of Wales, has recently been a popular face in the news. Yet, this time it wasn’t for any public appearances, charity fundraisers or royal weddings. Kate Middleton had allegedly “gone missing,” and the speculations about this case ranged from photoshopped images to cosmetic surgery. 

Announced by Kensington Palace on January 17, Middleton had gone into the hospital the previous day for scheduled surgery on her abdomen. “The Princess of Wales appreciates the interest this statement will generate,” the press said. It came to pass on January 29 that she had returned to her home at Buckingham Palace. Rumors started to circulate after Prince William canceled his own scheduled appearance on February 27, claiming a "personal matter."  Prince William was supposed to attend a service at St. George's Chapel, Windsor, with Queen Camilla and other royals to honor the memory of King Constantine of the Hellenes, William's godfather, who passed away in January. 

In honor of Mother's Day in the UK on March 10, Kensington Palace released an image of the Princess of Wales smiling with her kids. The photo was supposed to be Kate's second of just two public appearances since Christmas Day, but controversy surrounded it soon after it was released. Many conclude that the photo posted was "manipulated" and "not Kate." 

Still, rumors rose and the lack of response from Kensington Palace made people assume more. To fuel the mystery further, the British media would take pieces of “evidence” that had to do with Kate Middleton's disappearance and report on it. 

“I believe that the British media encouraged people to talk about Kate Middleton in order to garner more attention. I do agree that there is a major invasion of privacy because the media requires you to disclose personal information to prevent rumors from spreading,” freshman Kaitlyn Washington said.

Kate Middleton revealed on March 22 in an emotional video message captured by BBC Studios that she is undergoing cancer treatment, news that took the world by shock.

Source by Zahra Mazkur

The people of the United Kingdom deeply cherish Kate Middleton, and the news of her cancer announcement has left them profoundly saddened.

“When I heard about Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis, I felt bad for her; not just because that’s a scary and difficult thing to be going through in the first place but also because she had to go to such great lengths just to get the privacy and respect we all deserve as humans who have experienced a life-changing event,” art teacher Ms. Livoti said. “She is a mom, a wife and a woman before being someone of a certain social status, and the family she married into has had their share of trauma in the past. I hope she will be able to get healthy without the added stress from the media.”

Many individuals in the media started to believe that Kate Middleton was forced to come out about her diagnosis. Facing an already difficult time and needing to explain the situation to her three young children, Kate Middleton had a lot on her plate. 

“I wish well on her, though as a member of the royal family, it is clear that you won’t have much privacy. At the same time, everyone deserves some level of privacy,” freshman Emma Onorato said. 

As the world grapples with the news of where Kate Middleton has truly been, the focus shifts from speculation to empathy. As messages of support flood in from around the globe, it is a poignant reminder that all people, even those in the very public eye, deserve privacy in their lives. 


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