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A Night of Surprises: Oscars Celebrate Diversity and Innovation in Cinema

By Evyn Roliz

This year’s Oscars, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, celebrated the diverse cinematic works of the year. “Oppenheimer,” “Barbie,” “Killers of the Flower Moon" and “Poor Things” were at the forefront of the night, with award nominations ranging from eight to thirteen per movie. 

Billie Eilish won her second Oscar, this time for Best Original Song, and she became the youngest person ever to do so. One of the year's blockbuster hits, Oppenheimer, took home seven Oscars. "The Holdovers," "Poor Things" and "Anatomy of a Fall" also won in many categories. Despite a night of recognition and success for all works, many from the New Hyde Park community noticed that the Barbie movie received less recognition than anticipated.


Source by Isabella Chu

Many fans feel that Billie Eilish's heartfelt lyrics and creativity deem her to be one of the most successful music artists in the industry.

“I definitely think the Barbie movie should have won something a little bit more,” art teacher Ms. Crimi said. “I was a little shocked to not see them recognized at the Oscars.”


“I expected the Costume Design Award to go to ‘Barbie’ rather than ‘Poor Things,’” sophomore Shalini Chatoorang said. 


These feelings are also shared by a broader community, which believes that the movie deserves more credit and highlights the subjective nature of awards. This also shows how films resonate differently with different groups. "Oppenheimer," which was released on the same day as "Barbie," was recognized widely at the ceremony. The movie ended up being one of the most successful movies ever and ended up winning seven awards out of the thirteen categories it was nominated in, most notably Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director.


“These were well deserved because [“Oppenheimer”] was enjoyable to a large audience. The graphics were on point, as were the acting, suspense, music and other aspects of the film,” Chatoorang said. 


During the Oscars, Billie Eilish also performed her original song from “Barbie,” “What Was I Made For?” This song appeared in an emotional scene of the movie, leading to Eilish, at 22 years of age, winning the Oscar for Best Original Song and making history as the youngest person ever to receive two Oscar awards. 


“Getting two Oscars at this age is such an insane accomplishment. She’s really talented and deserves all the success she’s been getting,” junior Madhav Shibu said. 


The 2024 Oscars not only brought together the stars of Hollywood, but also honored artistic achievements and groundbreaking storytelling that captivated audiences worldwide and defined the past year of film.


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