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The Senior Scene

By Ethan Chun

On January 6, New Hyde Park Memorial hosted a New Year's dinner/dance for the senior class. Tickets were priced at $40 and a contract was required. The formal, planned by the class of 2023 officers, advisers and administration, was hosted at the Elks Lodge for interested seniors to enjoy.

“The goal for Ms. Pincay and I was to give the senior class the best senior year possible,” class of 2023 adviser Mr. Chuba said. “With that in mind, Ms. Pincay and the class officers came up with a wonderful idea to have the winter formal. It has been a while since the school hosted anything like this for the seniors in the winter, and we wanted to bring it back to give everyone a chance to hang out in a fun, safe environment.”

Source from Kristen Schneider

Seniors huddle together for pictures in front of the photo backdrop at the Senior New Year's Dance.

There were mixed feelings surrounding the dance. Some praised the effort put in to host a night and fundraise for the Class of 2023.

“It was cute,” senior Abigail Varghese said. “I think it was a great way for the seniors to hang out and celebrate.”

“I think it was a cool way to fundraise for the other senior events like prom,” senior Anjali Macwan said.

“It was nice being with a big portion of our grade for the first time in a while, all dressed up and everyone seeing each other and catching up,” senior Melinda Mathew said.

“I liked how the entire class could get together for one of our last events together,” senior Birrkaren Singh said.

“I really enjoyed getting an opportunity to have a semi-formal winter dance," senior Luke Jacob said. "I think that the venue was perfect for such a small event. It was packed with a lot of people. The food was so good to the point where I went for seconds. Mr. Ferrara had some very good song choices as the DJ. Overall, it was a very pleasant time."

Others felt like the dance did not meet the mark that they were expecting.

“My personal opinion was that the dance as a whole was underwhelming. It was fun though, and I’m glad we had an opportunity to all have a night for fun,” senior Sara Gustafson said.

“I felt like the dance was alright, nothing too exciting but, it was nice to have a night out with friends to celebrate the new year,” senior Ashwathi Chemban said.

“It was alright. The semi-formal was fun; but very awkward. Everyone is stuck with people they are friends with. I also feel like it would have been better if the restrictions of who could go were removed,” senior Peter Fadoul said.

Source from Emily McKenna

(left to right) Seniors Joel George, Roby Shaji, Ashwin Antony, Benet William, James O'Shea, Viraj Sutaria and Emily McKenna snap a selfie at the New Year's Dance.

Some offered criticism on the requirements for the dance, as well as the dance itself.

“I think that it wasn’t worth the price even though I know it was for us to save a little money for prom. However, I felt that winter formal was unnecessary and that we could’ve done something else instead with the $40 price,” senior Anagha Sunny said.

“I didn’t go to the winter formal this year so I could save my money for the senior prom and class dues. Maybe if the price was a little lower I would’ve been more likely to go. I feel like money was part of why some people weren’t able to go,” senior Julie Joseph said.

Upon hearing the information, events and opinions from the dance, underclassmen were asked if they would like to have a similar event in their senior year.

“I would for the experience but after hearing about what they said, I feel like we shouldn’t have one. Many felt uncomfy and didn’t like it. Our senior year should be fun before we leave. We should leave saying that I had fun. If we do have a formal, then I suggest that we should decide what rules and how things will be,” sophomore Esther Panicker said.


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