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The Rumbling is Coming

By Christopher Liu

Since its debut in 2013, the “Attack on Titan” anime has seen significant growth in both popularity and the complexity of its story and cast. Although “Attack on Titan” is based on a manga (Japanese graphic novel) that concluded last April, many students are choosing to wait for new episodes rather than reading the manga. They believe the anime to be the most immersive way to experience the story and action.

Garnering widespread praise for blending complex themes with fast-paced action and well-written world building, “Attack on Titan” is now one of the most well known anime worldwide.

“Attack on Titan” began as a story about humanity fighting back against man-eating titans who have forced them to retreat behind a series of protective walls. As the story progresses, more is discovered with new revelations about the world and the titans being explored throughout.

In the season prior to the finale, it is explained that there is life beyond the walls, and the conflict turns to be between an outside nation (Marleyan) and those that are hiding away in the walls (Paradis) over historical feuds. The problem roots back 2,000 years into history, where the people of Paradis were given the power to turn into titans and attack the Marleyans. After many years, the king of Paradis later pushed the people behind walls, erased their memories and made it so that they could no longer war with the Marleyans. However, this led the the people of Marley obtaining the ability to use Titan warfare and torturing those in the walls.

Beginning with the first episode of season four, the focus shifts away from the main character, Eren Yeager, and the people of Paradis Island and towards the Marleyans, Falco Grice and Gabi Braun. From their point of view, viewers can see the very first national launched attack in the series. After hitching a ride back to Paradis, Braun and Grice begin to rethink their long-held beliefs on people they considered enemies, as all the Marleyans prepare a plan to charge Paradis.

With the sheer amount of action and new revelations packed into season four’s second part, it’s no surprise that students at New Hyde Park Memorial are excited to see the continuation of the plot.

Although the role of producing the show has recently changed hands from Wit Studio to MAPPA Studio, many are still satisfied with the work MAPPA has done to bring “the people Attack on Titan” to life. Having not read the manga the anime is based on, people are still finding themselves shocked by recent episodes and unexpected twists.

“MAPPA has done a great job so far on animating the series,” freshman Yakub Merzougui said.

Artwork by Shadia Zayer

Fans of the anime are ecstatic over the twists and turns from the last episode of the series.

“In my opinion, Season four Part two has been adapted very accurately so far,” senior Ingrid Chu said.

The show has lots of praise for how well the anime has been sticking to its source material. Although manga readers may already have a good idea of the story, some find that watching the anime provides a deeper look into the plot and an exploration of feelings that can not be fully experienced through text.


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