Swinging into Spring Sports

By Lauren DiGregorio and Fatima Naysa

The spring sports season has started off with a swing and there is no turning back for these hard working teams. Including track and field, girls and boys lacrosse, softball, baseball, boys tennis and boys golf, this season brings many fans back to the stands.

Although their season has started off with some inconveniently cold weather, many teams have already been successful. The cold weather did put some teams on their toes, but with tons of games still to come, Gladiators always leave room for improvement.

Track is a very popular sport that consistently has a lot of turn out. There is a range of activities including sprinting, long-distance running, hurdles, high-jump and more. One of their classic warm-ups is running to Applebee’s, a staple restaurant in the community, and back.

“Some issues that our team has had probably stems from inexperience since half the team has never done track before due to COVID. Despite this, I am very proud of the team that we have and the relationships we have built. Although track is an individual sport, the support you get from your peers on the team is priceless,” junior track runner Luke Jacob said.

This year, softball gained a new varsity coach from Sewanhaka, Ms. Romanello, to co-coach with Ms. Rizzuti. This season’s team is full of new faces so they are still trying to find their flow. Practice makes perfect, even if it is in the rain or 30 degree weather.

“We have been outside every day even when it is freezing to prepare for the season. I think preparation-wise, it is important for a successful team to have a good dynamic and be constantly communicating, on and off the field. If you cannot communicate you probably cannot win,” sophomore softball player Katilyn Bell said.

Boys golf and tennis do not have people rushing to the stands to see them play, since there are no stands, but that does not take away from their hard work and dedication. Every day these boys practice their hardest to perfect their skills before matches.

Baseball went into their season with full force and it showed. They have yet to lose a game and even beat one team 11-0. Many players on the team expect that they will go far and earn many home runs.

By Lauren DiGregorio

Clockwise from top left, Coach Gagnon yells instructions for his players to make the right defensive moves; senior Riley Griffin moves the ball up to the opponent's goal; the NHP girls lacrosse team counts off before the start of the game; senior Amy Ugolini faces off with the other team.

NHP’s lacrosse program has definitely demonstrated their abilities. The boys team practices for hours on end to make sure they have precise skills for their games. The girls team has rushed into the season with intense strength, demonstrated by their, so far, undefeated season. Fans are predicting that the girls lacrosse team could make it very far this season if they keep up the good work.

“The hard work starts the moment lacrosse season does, and we were fortunate enough this year to see that hard work translate into four consecutive wins,” senior lacrosse player Grace Aderibigbe said.