Shook to the Core for “Evermore”

By Julia Esposito and Rachel Priest

The surprise sequel album to “Folklore” was a holiday gift this year that Swifties were not expecting. Early morning on December 10, Taylor Swift caught her fans off guard yet again, providing them with only 18 hours to prepare for another 17 songs, announced via Instagram.

Swift describes her ninth studio album “Evermore” as a sister album to “Folklore,” which is the first surprise album from July 24. Quarantine was a struggle for most people; however, Swift claims writing was an outlet that allowed her to escape from the outside world. She and her team knew the holiday season would be lonely for many, and music is a coping mechanism that people need at this time. Additionally, as most fans know, her favorite number is 13, and Swift is turning 31 this year, which is the opposite of 13. With her new music, she plans to make this birthday year special not only for herself, but for her fans as well.

The songs in the album consist of imagery, metaphors, fictional stories, and personal anecdotes. It gives off an alternative, indie vibe that is slightly more upbeat than “Folkore.” Heartfelt ballads, country songs, and subtle tunes add to the album's diversity. She also released a music video for the song “Willow,” which was a continuation of her previous single, “Cardigan.” Both music videos reached the number one trending spot on YouTube.

Reproduced with permission from Wikimedia Commons

Swift announced her new album, "Evermore," on December 10.

Although fans never know what is to come with Taylor, listeners are always more than fulfilled.

“It was definitely a surprise waking up to see a whole new album. I love the feel of it. My favorite songs are ‘Champagne Problems’ and ‘Closure,’” said junior Gabby Munge.

“My Alexa is going to get tired of me saying ‘repeat ‘Evermore’ by Taylor Swift,” said sophomore Natalie Bak.

Not only are students of New Hyde Park Memorial excited about this surprise release, but even teachers have been loving her new, chart-smashing album.

“Taylor Swift has obviously always been an immensely talented artist and songwriter. It has been really interesting and exciting to see her step outside of the world of pop and embrace new styles and ideas on her two most recent records. I think it is especially cool that she is working with indie artists like The National and Bon Iver. On songs like ‘Coney Island’ and ‘Evermore,’ these artists help bring out a new side of Taylor, while she, in turn, introduces these artists to a much larger audience. I never thought I’d say I’d be enjoying a Taylor Swift record, but I really like ‘Evermore,’” said social studies teacher Mr. Laugen.

Fans do not know what the future holds, but they do know Swift will always fill them with ‘Happiness’ forevermore.