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Student Spotlight: Instagram Inspirations

By Nasheed Choudhury

The pandemic that has forced everyone to stay indoors for over five months has given people nothing but free time. With no specified end date, many are left to ponder ways they could spend their time productively. Most found their outlets by binging TV shows, focusing on schoolwork, getting ahead on studying, spending time with family, and working on their fitness. These three New Hyde Park students found a different outlet, one in which they could display their hobbies and talents on a platform for everyone to view.

Senior Isabella Le was inspired by the TikTok trend of creating do-it-yourself personalized glass posters displaying a song of choice. This trend became extremely popular since many saw them as cute, aesthetic ways to express songs by their favorite artists and be able to display it as decor. Le tried the trend out for herself and decided that since she had the free time, she could finally have the opportunity to create artistic products for others. Thinking about how fun it would be to sell her art to others motivated her to make an Instagram account where she would take other’s custom orders and make these glass posters for them. Kickstarting her own business was an impressive and courageous decision to make, and as a result, her Instagram account, @spotifysnaps, has amassed over 400 followers.

Sources from Isabella Le

Le uses her artistic talent to develop precise album covers and colorful journal pages, creating a business at the same time as exploring the bounds of her creativity.

The business aspect of Le’s artwork is surely a demanding one because of the influx of orders and the precision they require. She offers either printed album covers or hand-painted covers on her posters along with many other customized details, such as a Spotify code to the song, which when scanned, opens the Spotify app and plays the song.

“There are times where that process goes smoothly; however, every so often I would get multiple orders at once and would have to rush to get them done. I’m able to manage customer orders with my schoolwork by organizing my time, but it's definitely a little difficult,” said Le.

Arriving with personalized packaging, orders from @spotifysnaps are handled with care and made locally. Le also runs another account, @hao.cherries, where she shares photos of some of her journal spreads, inspired by many other Instagrammers who do the same.

Senior Jada Seto learned to cook when she was around nine years old. She has always loved creating things and being resourceful and found that these are some of the qualities she could showcase in the kitchen. Unlike others who feel like cooking can result in time being wasted, Seto revels in the fact that she can spend her time listening to good music and creating flavorful dishes.

Amassing over 100 followers, Seto created her Instagram account, to share photos of her creations with everyone and to also have something to look back on in the future. She finds that in the kitchen, she can create these dishes that allow her to enjoy alone time or with her parents, especially since she finds herself heavily involved in school and does not find the opportunity to relax often. Since the pandemic, Seto has been able to cook a meal at least four to five days of the week. She feels cooking is an extremely fulfilling activity because not only does she end up with a delicious dish, she also feels like she is helping her parents out and making everyone’s day better with food.

Source by Jada Seto

Seto's Instagram account makes viewers' mouths savor at the sight of her food, which is always crafted with love and care.

“This past year has been really stressful for everyone, but I am glad that I am able to help out my family and just spend more time with them. I know for a lot of people, cooking is stressful with busy schedules, but time feels timeless when I'm cooking and I just have my nice escape,” said Seto.

Seto feels as if the time she cooks is time she can devote to her and her family. Posting on her Instagram is her way of helping people through this difficult time.

Senior Steve Roshan was not always fond of art, but he has recently gotten more interested in it through sharing some of his artwork on his Instagram account @shoetaverns. “Shoetaverns” is a clever anagram of Roshan’s first and last name. Roshan created his Instagram account after a friend encouraged him, and he has found that it motivated him to draw more, and posting his artwork allowed for an outlet for his quarantine boredom.

Sources from Steve Roshan

Roshan's quick work with a pen results in detailed and dramatic artwork, stunning his followers.

Roshan draws whatever usually comes to mind; however, most, if not all of his drawings are done with crisp linework, using tools such as a Pilot G-2, Micron Drawing Pen, and Kuretake Brush Pen. Roshan is mostly self-taught, having followed the basics from YouTube videos and being inspired by artists such as Kim Jung Gi, Moebius, and Jack Kirby. Most of Roshan’s drawings are done rather quickly, claiming the reason for this is because he cannot sit for more than 40 minutes at a time.

“I draw what I want; I have trouble drawing what other people want because I draw what I imagine and we can not possibly be imagining the same thing. I will draw what I want because I'm doing it for fun,” said Roshan.

Roshan has taken his platform very casually, posting as he learns more techniques.

In this time of desperation, these seniors have taken the opportunity to share some of their joy with others.


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