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Senior Promposals Pop Off

By Ari Boldur and Jada Seto

As prom season is approaching for the New Hyde Park community, many have gathered up the courage to ask their special someone to join them for a final night of fun after a year of missed “last opportunities.” A common trend for seniors is to make posters and bring special treats to those they ask to prom, whether it is a best friend or significant other. With the year the current seniors have had, many came up with extraordinary ideas to ask their dates to accompany them to prom.

“It’s nerve wracking because I wanted to make it a surprise and it’s hard especially since I wasn’t physically going into school. We had to make sure that she was actually going to be somewhere at a certain time, but thankfully that worked out because her other friends prompted her there. I was nervous just thinking about it but in the moment I just went with the flow and it turned out great,” said senior Ethan Chung.

Chung creatively surprised his prom date, Gayathri Suresh, with bubble tea and a pun to go along with the drink. “Let’s get our par-TEA on at prom” was written on his poster that he presented to Suresh. Another creative promposal was David Son’s “Tangled” themed, which he presented to Isabella Le.

Sources from Nasheed Choudhury, Isabella Le, Gayathri Suresh, and Ari Boldur

Seniors Nasheed Choudhury, Isabella Le, Gayathri Suresh, and Hailey Mikowski were surprised by Steve Roshan, David Son, Ethan Chung, and Ari Boldur, respectively, with promposals that included clever puns on posters.

“I was genuinely surprised when Ethan promposed to me and the poster was so cute. I am so thankful for all my friends who worked together to make that happen,” said senior Gayathri Suresh.

Aaron Gitelman surprised Nicolette Caneda after her game, with a soccer-themed poster. He wrote “let’s KICK IT at prom” on the poster, hinting at Caneda’s passion for soccer. Ari Boldur promposed to Hailey Mikowski with a music pun, since both seniors play instruments and sing.

“I was super surprised when David asked me to prom because I had just arrived at my friend’s house, since some of my friends & I were planning to go out. The poster is based on the Disney movie, ‘Tangled,’ which is one of my favorite movies ever and after the promposal we all went out to get Korean BBQ and bubble tea,” said senior Bella Le.

With text message relays, many of those who worked up the courage to ask their special someone also put in a lot of work to organize the special task. With poster-making days and artistic abilities coming through, students had to organize these days in large group chats to get the perfect promposal.

“I was really surprised when I got promposed to because although I knew it was going to happen, I didn’t expect it at the moment. I was really impressed because I know a lot of work had to go into the promposal,” said senior Nasheed Choudhury.

New Hyde Park’s senior prom is June 9, and seniors are excited to have a mostly normal prom after the year they have had. Those attending prom will all be in one room together after verifying their negative COVID-19 test or their fully-vaccinated status. This night will be one to remember, and it will be the highlight of this whirlwind of a year.


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