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The Chariot’s Guide to Summer Shenanigans

By Rayva Gupta and Michelle Mathew

The summer breeze is in the air and students are getting excited to finally get out the New Hyde Park Memorial doors. Some limitations remain as the nation is still on the road to recovery from the pandemic. However, with some mandates being lifted and guidelines being relaxed, there is still hope for an eventful summer.

Many places are opening up and events are being hosted with few regulations due to the effective vaccine rollout. Students are excited and beyond thrilled to finally get outdoors and embrace summer after spending the past year at home.

“With the new COVID guidelines, almost all outdoor sports and activities are or will be opening up to near full capacity...”

Several annual summer events have also reopened for this summer. Rolling Loud, the annual hip-hop festival, is scheduled for this July at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. The concert does not guarantee refunds for tickets in the case of any unforeseen events. Rolling Loud has not released any information regarding pandemic guidelines for those attending as of yet.

Governors Ball at Citi Field in Queens, New York has also been confirmed to take place. With a wide range of artists featured on the lineup, this three-day event is currently scheduled for September 24 to September 26, 2021. Governors Ball states on their website that COVID-19 prevention measures will be provided as the date comes closer. Unlike Rolling Loud, Governors Ball also offers refunds for tickets and the option to roll the tickets to the prospective event in 2022.

“It’s nice to know that we might have a semi-normal summer before heading off to college due to some restrictions being lifted,” said senior Aarti Devjani.

Sources by Ms. Mary Kay Mannle and Ari Boldur

Many countries are opening up for travel this summer; seniors Isabella Suh, Ari Boldur, and Hailey Mikowski enjoy a day at the beach last year. With mandates being lifted, they hope to enjoy more days like these this summer.

In addition to specific events that are taking place this summer, there are always things to do now that the weather is warming up. The new CDC guidelines regarding masks allow for several activities to take place in public parks and other outdoor spaces.

The Ultimate Guide For Summer 2021:

  • Favorite sporting events

  • Hiking with family

  • Barbecues and small gatherings

  • Road trips

  • Picnics

  • Sunrise/sunset at the beach

  • Drive-in movies

  • Concerts

With the new COVID-19 guidelines, almost all outdoor sports and activities are or will be opening up to near full capacity. These sports include basketball, tennis, baseball, and football. Many people are especially excited about the Olympics that will finally begin on July 23, 2021.

“Since more people have taken the vaccine it’s easier to go out in public now than before,” said senior Rebecca Panicker.


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