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Sayonara Spring Sports

By Janmak Saji

As the school year winds down, spring sports are also coming to an end. Gladiators around the school have been working hard throughout their respective seasons to compete to the best of their ability.

The girls' varsity lacrosse team has had an excellent season. Despite the level of competition they played, each player worked meticulously to improve their craft to succeed. The team gained chemistry on and off the field as they battled to their 11-4 record. They made a strong playoff run, ending their season in the second round of playoffs.

“The girls on the lacrosse team are truly amazing. We are a family and everyone gets along. We also play intensely and every single girl on the team works extremely hard. I’m so grateful to have a final lacrosse season with these girls,” said senior lacrosse player Darla Petricca.

Sources by Anna Detke

The Lady Gladiators face off against Elmont's competitors in an intense lacrosse game.

The boys' tennis team had an excellent season as they went undefeated and finished as champions of their conference. On May 27, the team played their most difficult game of the season against Uniondale. Despite the pressure of ruining their perfect record, the team adapted and overcame the challenge as they swept their opponents, winning all three sets. The team worked hard in practices and games as they finished off their season 10-0.

“The season was great this year. With many new amazing players coming in, we were able to strengthen our roster. Every match was a lesson for us and we grew from our mistakes. I’m going to miss this team next year,” said senior tennis player Ved Trivedi.

Source by Janmak Saji

The boys' tennis team serves the ball in an effort to defend their undefeated record.

The varsity track team also had an action-packed season filled with practices and meets against a plethora of other schools. Although they do not have a definitive record as a team, they still worked hard in each practice and played their best at each meeting.

“It was a short season, but I’m happy I got to spend time with my teammates and coaches before graduating. I’m gonna miss Coach Leydon and especially Coach DelSanto because she’s also my Twirlers adviser. I'm sad I have to say goodbye to the team after all these years,” said senior track athlete Sophia Lin.

Source from Ivie Li

The girls' track team bonds after a long practice.

The varsity girls' softball team had a very successful season and recently battled through playoffs. On June 2, the team competed in a playoff game against Hewlett High School. Despite the intensity they had to play through, the team had an excellent ball game as they dominated on both sides of the field, winning 13-0. The team finished with one win and fifteen losses, but still played well considering the high difficulty of their division. On June 7, the team was eliminated from the playoffs. Regardless, they had an excellent season where they made memories and had fun.

“I’m so grateful to have played this year even though it wasn’t the usual season. Although our record wasn’t the best, we made so many new friendships, developed teamwork, and had each others' backs. I'm so excited to come back next year,” said junior softball player Muskaan Kapoor.

Sources by Lauren DiGregorio

The varsity girls' softball team play one of the their best games of the season, and coaches Ms. Little and Ms. Rizzuti send off seniors Valerie Hoffer, Gabby Greco, Caitlin Young, Claire Mikowski and Paige Jones.

The varsity boys' lacrosse team had a stifling season. Despite the obstacles the team faced like the lack of members and the difficulty in competition, each individual played and practiced as hard as they could. Although they struggled to win games, the players strengthened their relationships and made unforgettable memories. The team finished the season with zero wins, ten losses and one draw.

“Going into the season we all knew it was gonna be rough. We didn’t have a full numbered team and that hurt us. Without being able to substitute as frequently as we’re used to, many of our players were tired during the game. We had a pretty tough schedule facing teams like Plainview and Hicksville who are doing amazing this year. Despite that, this season was a blast. We have so many memories and funny moments that we’ll probably never forget. It sucks to lose, but at the end of the day we’re all just happy to be playing and having fun with each other and our coaches on and off the field,” said senior lacrosse player Filippo Taravella.

Source from Leonardo Rodriguez

Seniors Philip Garofalo, Ryan Swanson, and Leonardo Rodriguez stand together for a picture.

The boys' varsity baseball team has had a rocky season. Despite the struggles they faced, they finished with seven wins and nine losses. The team had high hopes, but lost in their first round of playoffs. However, the seven seniors on their team enjoyed every practice and are sure to miss NHP baseball as they move on to college.

“Our season has had its ups and downs, but through it all, the team has kept a positive mindset. After being swept by Mepham and having what some may think as the start to a losing streak, we came back and swept Great Neck South in the next series. We look to keep our positivity flowing,” said senior baseball player Joseph Leonard.

Source from Luke Orbon

Seniors Justin Obedienzo, Louis Messina, Nicholas Marsella, Luke Orbon, Aaron Gitelman, Luke Notine, and Joseph Leonard line up for a picture after one of their last games of high school baseball.

The United Basketball team had an exceptional season as usual. Each practice and game provided an incredible opportunity for students to come together, make memories, and have fun. While the cheer squad performed on the sidelines, players worked hard and once again won the championship, 56-51.

“I think the United team is a lot of fun. It allows us to play a sport we love with other incredible people while making memories. It’s incredible to be a part of. I think seeing everyone smile is an extremely rewarding and exciting experience,” said Unified player junior Michael Thomas.

Source from @nhpathletics and @nhp_unified

The team lines up for the anthem as they get ready to play, have fun, and make memories; the NHP Unified Basketball team wins the championship four years in a row.

As the last sports season of the school year comes to an end, student athletes throughout NHP have practiced hard to hold up the integrity of a Gladiator. Whether it is the playoffs or the offseason, students worked hard to consistently improve their respective crafts. To all the competitors who worked diligently in spring, congratulations on the end of a successful season.


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