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Saanvi’s See You Later

I honestly cannot believe this insane school year is already ending, and Mannle has to finally drag me out of student activities. I am so grateful to have been able to get to know each and every one of you on staff this year and thank you guys so much for an amazing year. I am nowhere near ready to say goodbye so yes you will see me back next year (you guys can’t get rid of me that fast).

Greg: Oh greggy pooh I have no idea what we would have ever done without you this year, and asking you to join staff is one of the best decisions Olivia and I have made. You keep us sane even when Olivia and I are on the verge of absolutely losing it. It has been sooo much fun basically living in student activities this past week, and staying on Google Meets until wayyy too late (according to Mannle’s Google Meet emails). I have loved watching you grow and becoming more comfortable with being yourself. Don’t forget to use the hi queen folder for next year LOL. Thanks for letting us literally bully you and hanny banany into writing the letter, and watching you guys communicate through Google Docs comments has been pretty entertaining. I have no doubt in my mind that you and Hannah are going to take good care of the website (aka our baby) next year with all of your amazing ideas!

Hannah: This is going to be in 1.5 space so you will never forget the spacing of captions!! Hannah it has been amazing to watch you grow as an editor and into a confident person this past year. I am so sorry that the Google Meets were always so glitchy. You are so insanely hard working and this paper would not be the same without you. I am so excited to pass down the website to you and Greg and I am looking forward to seeing what you guys do with the paper next year. Thank you for all of your commitment hanny banany and expect many visits next year!

Gayathri: You are such an amazing, hardworking, and driven person and I am so insanely happy that we got so close this year! Bubby would never be the same without you and it has been so fun spilling ALL THE TEA. You are going to be an amazing doctor and thank you so much for all of your efforts toward making News such a great section when there wasn’t anything going on (thank you so much pandemic). We better be going to the city and true food kitchen soon!

Nasheed: MY FASHION ICON AND QUEEN. I’m literally so thankful we met and got soooooooo close this year, and you are just such an amazing person!!!! You never fail to always make me crack up and nash potatoes don’t forget me when you go to Brooklyn (you can’t forget me because we still need to see king Hasan Minhaj in NYC together). Failing spanish and calc this year together was so much fun, and bestie Hank is still waiting for that staring contest rematch. I am so excited to see the amazing things you do in the future (with packets of Splenda by your side)!!

Anna: You are such an insanely talented and dedicated photographer, and we are so lucky you took pictures for Chariot this year! Thank you so much for staying with this crazy publication and literally running everywhere and dealing with everything it takes for amazing photographs. I literally can’t believe you are only just a sophomore (such a babyyyy) because you have already accomplished so much at NHP. You are just such a kind, funny and motivated person, and I know I will see more amazing photos next year on the website!!

Lauren: You are literally such a fun person to hang out with, and I am sooo happy you agreed to join our crazy staff in December! You have been an amazing sports editor, and now I know you more as a person and not just as an oboe player. I admire your confidence and passion and I am so excited to see what you do with sports next year!!

Ari: It is the Chopt king himself. Ari, I am so grateful for your dedication and level of responsibility that makes entertainment the superior section (no questions asked). You always work at lighting speed every issue and you are such a driven person. Your motivation never fails to amaze me, and it's incredible how you balance your time so well (please teach me how to do that too LOL). NYC isn’t ready for you, and I know you are going to succeed at Baruch!!

Jada: Queen Jada, you are such a kind person and you have such a big heart. Even though you joined our staff later, you always know how to make your presence felt. You are not only an awesome entertainment editor, but also a great friend, chef, and bobarista. Stony doesn’t know what's coming and I know you are going to be such a talented engineer one day!

Divya: I am so sorry that you ALWAYS get killed first when we play Among Us, but thank you for all of your hard work and dedication during probably the craziest school year ever. You are sooooo intelligent and bright, and I am so excited to see what your future holds!!

Janmak: Even though you are probably the quietest person I know, and never unmute during Google Meets (me having to ask you if you are alive at 10 p.m) it has been so much fun having you on our staff this year. Thank you for dealing with all of our craziness and sticking through this year and I know you are destined for great things!

Sabeena, Shadia and Saffah: All three of you are sooo talented!! I am always blown away by the artwork you guys create and the paper always looks amazing all thanks to you guys. I am excited that you guys will keep drawing art for next year!!

Kayla: I don’t know what else to say other than your calligraphy skills ARE INSANEEE. You are sooooo talented and the Instagram page looks so good all because of you. You are also literally so smart and I know Stony Brook is so lucky to have you!!

Sydney: Your photos always look amazing, and help bring the entire website together. I am so grateful that you have put all of your time and effort into making the paper better this year.

Julia: Thank you remind queen for everything you have done for the paper this year! You are always so reliable and dependable, and we couldn’t have survived this year without you!

Ms. Mannle: I really don’t know how to find the words to thank you for everything you do for The Chariot. Maybe I can start with sorry for ruining your anniversary to have Saturday layout LOL. Little did I know when I walked into 219 on the first day of school in 10th grade, I was going to meet a teacher that would change my life for the better. Whoever thought that you pushing me to write for The Chariot was going to put me here, in student activities writing this to you. I am so insanely grateful for all the crazy and fun memories we have made together, and nothing we have done this year would have ever been possible without you. I couldn’t ask for a better adviser who tolerates my atrocious (yes I needed to autocorrect that) spelling, yells at me about misplaced modifiers (but hey look I think I FINALLY learned how to fix them) and stays on Google Meets past her bedtime just to work on the paper or listen to our crazy rants about life. Thank you for everything you have done to make this paper what it is today, and thanks for supporting Olivia and I every single step of the way this year.

And last but not least, Olivia: OLIVIAAAAAAAA. The FaceTime call after the very first distribution meeting has led to the amazing friendship that we have today. I could have never guessed that we would get so insanely close, especially since we never talked last year LMAO (unless I had to ask you a question about indesign rip). Thank you for being a fellow Dunkin’ addict, always tolerating all of my craziness and insanity, and consistently SCREAMING Olivia Rodrigo at the top of our lungs in my soccer mom car with me. I wouldn’t trade our Chariot experiences for anything in the world, and there is no one else I would want to FaceTime literally 24/7 (to the point where my mom thinks something is wrong if we haven't FaceTimed in a few days). Honestly we deserve a medal for figuring the Wix out over Google Meets. I have had so much fun being your literal Uber and Doordash driver this year, and I am so insanely proud of everything we have accomplished during this literal pandemic. Thanks for letting me yell at you everytime you have had to pee and shout out to the Witches Brew server for not letting you die so I could write this to you today. I’m still shook that we made it this far, and I have no clue how we not only survived but thrived. We have been on this crazy ride together, and I am so sad it has to come to an end. Your motivation and work ethic never fails to inspire me, and I know the future holds really bright things for you ahead.

Love you all,

Saanvi Mirchandani


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