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Olivia’s Out of Office

By Olivia Wong

I cannot believe the 2020-2021 school year is winding down, and I just want to tell each and every one of you how grateful I am for your tireless editing, impressive teamwork, and delightful friendships. Everyone played such an important role in The Chariot, and I am so proud of the creation we all have made. As I say farewell to the best staff ever, know that I’ll be hopping through the Student Activities window sooner than later!

Greg: The moment your face popped into the Chariot Google Meet, I knew you would blow us away with your quality contributions, infectious laugh, and attention to detail. You have broken out of your shell, and I’ve seen you grow from a quiet junior features editor to a compelling editor-in-chief. Half the time, I cannot tell you why we are cracking up, but I think the fact that you’re more than a foot taller than me adds to the comedy. I can’t wait for you to annoy other people with the absolute darkest red highlights in Google Docs, but I know you’ll help make them better writers. I am trusting this baby to you, and I know that you have all of the tools inside of you to accomplish great things next year.

Hannah: Your patience, leadership, and stability are extremely impressive, especially when we remember that you were remote for the entire school year. You are so incredibly sweet and engaging and I will miss hearing you banter with Greg over the Letter to the Readers. I have no doubt that your efficiency, professionalism, and overall flair will advance The Chariot, and I am so excited to see where the newspaper goes under your and Greg’s care.

Nasheed: Mizz features editor, you have been a powerhouse of article ideas and jokes this entire year. You have never failed to make me cry-laugh, even when it’s 9 p.m. the day before publishing and you’re gulping down Splenda and Sweet Tarts. I will miss blasting Darren Criss’s cover of “Cough Syrup” and annoying Greg with Ricky’s “Mr. Loverman.” You have become one of my closest friends through Chariot and thank you for everything you have contributed.

Gayathri: Everything you have done this year has been no less than perfect, and I am so glad you joined Chariot. You’re the best headline-maker we have and we would not have finished the paper without your wit and charm. I knew you were the perfect editor for News and I’m so glad our friendship blossomed through the newspaper. If there is anything I could thank you for, it would be your constant support and being my go-to person for anything, inside and outside of school.

Divya: Your hard work, commitment, and love for The Chariot have been undeniable, and I know News is going to be in good hands for next year. You have the most experience out of the entire staff, and I know this will come in handy. Keep your cleverness, humility, and calmness in every situation, and eat potatoes once in a while!!

Ari: If there was a picture in the dictionary under the word, “responsible,” it would be a portrait of you. You have a work ethic like none other and you were made for Entertainment! Even though we miss you at layout while you are busy being an Expert Chopper at Chopt, I am amazed at your ability to finish your section first after each issue. Thank you for your dedication and willingness to help in every situation.

Jada: Your calm and collected attitude during the most stressful times is what kept the newspaper together this year. Entertainment won the unsaid award for best organized because I don’t know how you and Ari work so hard in your respective jobs and get everything done. Thank you for a consistently beautiful section; you are leaving some big shoes to fill!

Lauren: When you joined Chariot halfway through the year, I knew you would fit right in. Every time you speak, your magnetic personality shines through with your sharp one-liners and incomparable ingenuity. Your passion for the newspaper is unmatched, and I know Sports (and the editorial section) is going to be filled with first-class articles.

Janmak: Your quiet, lime green J on the Google Meet has been the glue (or hand sanitizer) that has held The Chariot together and I cannot thank you enough for your incredible sports wrap-ups. I hope your experience with the newspaper was fulfilling and satisfactory because you have done such great work on it this year.

Kayla: KAYLA. I knew the second you joined the staff that our Instagram account would improve by leaps and bounds. Your calligraphy is absolutely beautiful and our headers would have (really) suffered without your artistic vision and skills. Make sure to use your talent in the future and I cannot wait for my wedding invitations!!

Sabeena, Shadia, and Saffah: You cartoonists have been the cherry on top of our new website. The feedback we got for the October Issue first complimented the art before everything else, and that is all credit to the three of you. I am so happy that you are all continuing to create for The Chariot in the coming years. Don’t forget that you have the unique power to initiate change and communicate important messages with all of your artistic gifts.

Anna and Sydney: You guys have been so reliable throughout this wild year, and Teacher Superlatives would not have been possible without you. Your eyes for composition and lighting were essential to the newspaper and I am greatly appreciative of your unwavering success with all of your photographs.

Julia: As publicity turned solely to Instagram and Remind, you were the perfect person for the job. We all recognize you for your kind and approachable personality, and your writing never disappoints, no matter which section you write for.

Mrs. Mannle: I would not have survived this rollercoaster without your extraordinary support, dedication, and patience for The Chariot’s staff. When we first started the website in September, I had no idea how far we would come. I would not give anything for the sincere, profound conversations we’ve had over layout on the tao-dzio-rzm Google Meet and later on, (thank goodness) in Student Activities. Thank you for putting up with me and Saanvi’s addiction to Dunkin’, our absolute craziness during late night, and our constant questions about the Associated Press Stylebook. I don’t know a single adviser who would be unfazed by our ear-piercing singing, freak-outs about minor inconveniences, or on-the-floor laughing fits. This year would not have been possible (or as fun) without you and I cannot express my gratitude enough for the everlasting memories. You can finally go to sleep at a normal hour!!

Saanvi, aka CEO of Grammarly, UberDriver, DoorDash, and the one who keeps me sane: As we are writing these goodbye letters across the room from each other, I know that this is not the end because The Chariot has given me a friendship that I know will last forever. From singing while driving in the rain to our spontaneous 12 a.m. FaceTimes to the many inside jokes we share, I cannot believe we’ll be miles apart next year. This newspaper has made us sob, laugh, and everything in between, and I know I couldn’t have done it without your wholesome sayings (today morning), our impeccable teamwork (the neverending canvas), and your beautiful parking jobs (in the employee of the month spot shhh). Your coffee addiction is your personality, and I’m convinced we would have gotten nowhere without it. Thank you for tolerating the conversations I have with myself while I'm editing articles, my Ray Chen playlist, and the many, many times I've had to run to the bathroom during layout. I can hear you saying, "THEN GO!!!" right now. I know we will both take the skills (meaning a lot of patience) we learned this year and apply them to the new world we enter next year. There will be so many more moments where we might have to say, "this is why we can't have nice things," but I know we'll be ok because we'll have each other. You and I ushered in the new, digital age of The Chariot, and I couldn't have done it without you. I cannot thank you enough for being the best editor-in-chief anyone could ask for.

With much love,

Olivia Wong


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