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Priceless Memories at Prom

By Gregory Marzano and Olivia Wong

On June 9, 2021, the Class of 2021 finally danced their way through prom at Leonard’s Palazzo. Even though this year has been anything but a conventional one, the administration and staff at New Hyde Park worked tirelessly to give seniors the event they all have been waiting for.

The night started with a check-in with Dr. Faccio and the assistant principals for either a negative COVID-19 test or a vaccination card. Some students downloaded the Excelsior Pass app on their phones for easy and quick access to the vaccination card. While the Class of 2021 advisers welcomed seniors and their guests, there was a QR code linked to a Google Form in order for people to vote for the prom court, king, and queen. While people picked up their name card and walked into the spacious venue, chaperones clapped and cheered as they entered.

Sources by Anna Detke

Joseph Leonard and his date, Vanessa Toscano, sit together at their table with Luke Notine; friends Ari Boldur and Hailey Mikowski match in emerald green; Katrina Rivers and Maria Ferrigno stop for a picture.

“Prom was everything I hope for and even more! It was the day where everyone can experience their ‘main character moment,’ being surrounded by the people you have watched grow over the past six years. After prom was definitely a night to remember, walking around the city, dancing, and just being who we are,” said senior Caitlin Young.

“While I was getting ready for prom, I felt like nothing was going right. My hijab was wrong and my makeup didn’t turn out right. But, when I finally arrived at the venue, it seemed like none of it mattered. We all danced, sang, and laughed together and I feel like the whole senior class connected through the event. Getting on the prom queen court was completely unexpected, but I am more than grateful to everyone who participated in the votes,” said senior Yasmin Abdelhamid.

Sources from Joseph Leonard, Isabella Le, and Gayathri Suresh

In matching sunglasses, Frank Cienski, Adrian Lujambio, Ryan Gonzalez, Aaron Gitelman, Luke Notine, Joseph Leonard, and Stephen Perno stand together for a picture; Teresa Rizzo, Sarah Razzaw, Riya Joseph, Sharon Mathew, Evita George, Isabella Le, and Alyson Diep share a laugh; before prom, Nasheed Choudhury, Kayla Shu, Gayathri Suresh, Olivia Wong, Julia Ajith, and Yasmin Abdelhamid smile for the camera; seniors pose for a group photo. BACK: Preesha Mody, Madeline Sepcaru, Saanvi Mirchandani, and Banmeet Kaur. MIDDLE: Jiya Singh, Aarti Devjani, Rayva Gupta, and Michelle Mathew. FRONT: Gauri Shyamnath, Khushi Shah, and Suhani Madaan.

After everyone got settled at their tables, students mingled with friends they have not seen in school since last year. The bartenders distributed many Shirley Temples, piña coladas, and soda to guests while others snapped pictures on the grand stairs or at the fountain in the lobby. When the music started, couples and friends got on the dance floor for the first slow dance of the night. The music soon picked up the pace, and everyone began to shout and sing along to the beat. During this time, groups of friends were able to pose at the sparkling step and repeat and later on get their picture printed out to take home.

"During prom, all I was thinking about was living in the moment and making that night one I'll never forget. I had so much fun dancing with my friends and it was nice seeing everyone all dressed up and looking nice. It wasn't until after all the prom festivities that it finally hit me that high school is basically over. It was a bittersweet feeling because I’m sad to leave my classmates and teachers but at the same time I'm excited to start a new chapter in my life," said senior Megan Muntzenburger.

“Seeing everyone together after a long year of some students being online and some in person was amazing, especially right before we graduate,” said senior Bella Bigeni.

Sources by Anna Detke

Seniors dance and mingle at Leonard's Palazzo.

"Prom was a great event and I think a lot of people had a good time. It was nice to see everyone in somewhat of a normal atmosphere especially in the times we are currently in," said senior Joseph Leonard.

Dinner was served in courses, including a buffet table of appetizers, salad, and a choice of chicken, steak, salmon, or eggplant pomodoro. Shortly after the main course, Ms. Vosswinkel-Blum brought out a cake for principal Dr. Faccio because his birthday was the day after prom. After everyone sang “Happy Birthday,” the prom court was announced.

Source by Anna Detke

Senior Ari Boldur, Hailey Mikowski, Phillip Garofalo, Luke Orbon, Joseph Leonard, Benjamin Mammen, Nicolette Caneda, Olivia Wong, Julia Si, and Yasmin Abdelhamid were all named in the prom court; Mammen wins prom king; Caneda wins prom queen.

The king’s court included Ari Boldur, Joe Leonard, Luke Orbon, and Philip Garafolo, and the queen’s court consisted of Hailey Mikowski, Julia Si, Olivia Wong, and Yasmin Abdelhamid. After much anticipation, Benjamin Mammen and Nicolette Caneda were crowned the Class of 2021’s prom king and queen.

New Hyde Park Memorial seniors were extremely grateful for a fun, exciting, and relatively normal prom, and students made so many long-lasting memories during one of the final events of their high school careers.


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