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Giving Cancer The Boot: Pink October Raises Money and Awareness for Breast Cancer

By Fatima Naysa

As September fades away, NHP turns pink to raise awareness and support for the fight against breast cancer. The month of October, commonly known as “Pink October” by students and faculty at NHP, is used as a way to unite the community for a good cause. There are many events, fundraisers and activities planned throughout the month by English teacher Ms. Kaspar along with the Key Club, advised by Ms. Bocchino.

“Hula For Hope” was held on October 3 in the courtyard where cotton candy was sold as a fundraiser. Another popular Pink October event is the “Pink Mile,” which is expected to take place on October 19. For this event, students pay a small price that goes a long way, purchasing pink shoelaces and completing a mile walk/run. More events include “Pink It Up” day, where students dress up to school in all pink, and the “Pink October Recital,” where the music department holds fundraising raffles. In addition to these school-wide events, seniors Georgina Giannatsis and Fiona O’Reilly have also raised $1,200 through the "Give Breast Cancer the Boot" initiative.

Source by Linda Cheung

Fiona O'Reilly passes the boot during the Homecoming football game.

“Seeing the girls with the pink boot proved their dedication to the cause,” senior Olivia Denaro said. “I always get a laugh when I see them with the huge pink rain boots, but it always makes me feel uplifted and excited to donate to a great cause.”

Not only does the funding raise money for a good cause, but it also fosters a sense of togetherness throughout the New Hyde Park community.

“It’s incredible to see how much money the school raises through Ms. Kaspar's efforts during Pink October, but what really sticks with me is the way the different activities bring members of the New Hyde Park Memorial community together,” English chairperson Mr. Otton said.

Some of the leaders of Pink October provide their personal feelings about why they work so hard.

“Every year, we try to come up with more ideas and events to get the student body and school community involved so that we can raise more funds and donate to the American Cancer Society and the Adelphi Breast Cancer Program,” Ms. Bocchino said. “We continue to do this in the hopes that one day there will be a cure for breast cancer.”

“The message I want to spread with Pink October is you are never alone,” senior Georgina Giannatsis said. “Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Especially when it comes to battling cancer, everyone deserves a strong support system behind them.”

“It is my hope that one day we will not have to talk about this issue and that new treatments will help eradicate breast cancer once and for all,” Ms. Kaspar said.

Pink October has proven to be a huge hit in raising both awareness and funds for such a great cause. Many believe Pink October can serve as inspiration on what a community can do when fighting a challenging battle.


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