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Pink It Up for Pink October: NHP Raises $8,000 In Support of Breast Cancer Awareness

By Fatima Naysa and Linda Cheung

Thanks to over 31 days of fundraising in support of breast cancer awareness, New Hyde Park Memorial’s Key Club raised a total of $8000 from a variety of charitable events including the Pink Mile, Pink Pumpkin Painting, Pink Bagels and many others. While Pink October is mainly hosted through Key Club, breast cancer awareness fundraising is a community-wide effort.

“Pink October is a success because of the support from the whole NHP community and we are thrilled to be able to continue to raise awareness and funds and contribute to the American Cancer Society and The Adelphi Breast Cancer Program,” Key Club adviser Ms. Bocchino said.

Organizations such as New Hyde Park’s Business department hosted a pink bagel sale with 100% of sales being donated in support of Pink October.

“Pink bagels was an idea brought to the Key Club by the Business department,” Key Club President Georgina Giannatsis said. “This was a mainly business-run event, so the officers in Business, what they did was that they had pink bagels donated and all the money they raised from that sale went directly to Key Club.”

Source by Mary Kay Mannle

Business teacher Ms. DelVecchio sells Pink October merchandise to students.

Additionally, the Jaiden Thomas & Friends charitable concert was hosted by the Music department, with all proceeds being donated to support breast cancer awareness.

“The event was amazing!” senior Jaiden Thomas said. “It was such a great experience! I feel like all the events during the month were so great. It was amazing coming all together as a school in order to contribute to breast cancer awareness! Fundraising for breast cancer awareness felt so meaningful. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to be a part of something so great and big.”

This year, the National Art Honor Society also held Pink Pumpkin Painting. For five dollars, students were able to decorate miniature pumpkins, with the funds being donated for breast cancer awareness.

“We raised $332 for Pink October,” National Art Honor Society adviser Ms. Stabile said. “It was great to see all students and faculty come together for a good cause while having fun. Everyone was creative and imaginative with their pink pumpkin designs, and they turned out awesome! Pink Pumpkin Painting is one of my favorite events of the school year for sure.”

Source from Mr. D'Ammassa

Students and faculty gather in the courtyard to resemble likeness of a pink ribbon.

Aside from the events and fundraisers, students and faculty members showed their support by purchasing Pink October apparel. On October 20, students and faculty had the opportunity to wear pink clothes and gather in the courtyard for a photo in support of breast cancer awareness.

Students joined faculty and staff on October 20th to walk the Pink Mile. The first 240 walkers to complete the mile received a Duck donut. 12 dozen donuts were donated by Garden City Park Duck Donuts in anticipation of the event. Collectively, the Pink Mile garnered a total of $1100.

“The pink mile was a fun way of supporting the fight against breast cancer,” senior Alec Dampman said. “As someone who enjoys running I wanted to make sure I was the first one done with the mile to get a delicious duck donut.”

Source by Linda Cheung

Senior Matthew Chun runs the Pink Mile to be one of 240 runners to receive a Duck Donut.

Pupil Personnel Services chairperson Ms. Pesce cited yoga and SEL teacher training as inspiration for the Pink Yoga fundraising event. In total, the event raised $160, with all the proceeds being donated for Pink October.

“A few years ago we did a yoga fundraiser for Pink October and it was successful so I thought it would be nice to bring it back,” Ms. Pesce said. “I created a flier with a Google Form sign up for all faculty/staff. We wound up having 14 participants and hosted the event in the library classroom.”

Source by Linda Cheung

Key Club President Georgina Giannatsis raises money and awareness for breast cancer by collecting donations throughout the month of October.

To end the Pink October season, the theme for the last football game of October was Pink Out. Key Club officers carried the Pink Boot to collect donations in support of breast cancer awareness. While many students and faculty donate, the opportunity also allows for conversation with members of the greater New Hyde Park community.

“I’ve heard so many stories over my three, four years doing this,” Giannatsis said. “Everyone’s story’s so special… There’s this little grandma, and she just put money in my boot and grabbed my hands and held me for like a minute. This feeling that I know that it’s going toward something good makes all the difference in my eyes.”


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