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Prep for Pep

By Guranaad Kaur

On September 24, a long-awaited New Hyde Park tradition made its first appearance post online learning. Fall pep rally has returned. Students filled the stands, armed with masks, yet undeterred from showing school pride for the first time in a year. The school took extra precautions to enforce appropriate pandemic protocol and ensure all spectators could enjoy the rally safely by enforcing the usage of masks and hand sanitizer.

Mr. Patrick Maguire, New Hyde Park Memorial’s new director of athletics, was introduced at this year’s fall pep rally. An alumnus of this school, he provided commentary throughout the event. This delighted some of his old teachers, especially Mr. Basil, a math teacher and the girls varsity tennis coach.

“I thought the pep rally was great. When your athletic director is your former seventh grade student, and he hands you the microphone, you know life is good!” said Mr. Basil.

The marching band started off the afternoon’s festivities with dynamic performances of two well-known songs. They opened up with “The Star-Spangled Banner,” followed by a lively cover of “Fireball” by Pitbull. Their playing was interjected by the occasional chant of “Fireball.”

“It was great to be able to perform for the pep rally. Although we had our fair share of mishaps, we held together and put on a decent show! Pep rally really gave us a taste of how things will play out in regards to performances going forward,” said sophomore and band member Fred Han.

“Sitting in the stadium, one could feel a rumbling sense of unity as students cheered and clapped for each powerfully complex move...”

The marching band’s performance set the tone for the rest of the pep rally, which was accompanied by performances by the twirlers, the Romanettes, the step team and the cheer team. The twirlers executed their complex baton twirling without breaking a sweat, maintaining high energy the entire time. The Romanettes followed suit in terms of high energy with their signature high kicks, pom-pommed sneakers and a bright music mix.

Source By Anna Detke

Romanettes wave to the student section at pep rally.

The step team continued to bring the heat with their fiery dancing that complimented a soundtrack featuring BTS and Megan Thee Stallion. The cheer team performed to a mix of pop music and showed off choreography and stunts, exercising their bravado and endurance. Each group brought a new wave of spirit and energy to the crowd and demonstrated each team’s skill. Sitting in the stadium, one could feel a rumbling sense of unity as students cheered and clapped for each powerfully complex move.

Source By Anna Detke

Steppers sport smiles for the camera.

“From where I sat with my friends, you could really feel the noise of students just cheering and generally appreciating the performances each group had to offer. It was such a fun and entertaining experience,” said sophomore Guraneel Kaur.

Following this was each of NHP’s athletes walking out on the field. A sizable amount of the student body is part of New Hyde Park athletics, which elicited excitement and cheers from the crowd when students’ friends’ names were called. Among the announcers and coaches for their respective teams was girls varsity tennis coach Mr. Basil, whose energetic presenting style impressed a wide range of students.

“I feel very lucky to have the chance to work with New Hyde Park’s girls varsity tennis. My 15 players consistently demonstrate responsibility, character and a love of the sport. Special thanks to my senior captains, Mahek Chaudry and Christina Mark. They went out of their way all season to help set the right tone for the team. They are simply wonderful young people,” said Mr. Basil.

The pep rally ended with New Hyde Park’s varsity football team running through banners with their names on them. As the rally drew to a close, New Hyde Park Memorial’s student body became thoroughly acquainted with the true skill and cohesion of the school’s athletics. Additionally, the rally brought not only school pride, but a feeling of normalcy as well. The COVID-19 pandemic had severely hindered much of New Hyde Park’s student activities, and this fall pep rally’s comeback has instilled a new sense of “pep” in the student body. Go Gladiators!


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