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Pep in Band's Step

By Evelyn Joseph

New Hyde Park’s marching band has been revamped into a group of musicians known as pep band. Pep band is comprised of talented, energetic musicians, which creates a feeling of unity among students both in the band and in the audience. Many students have a positive opinion of the pep band and enjoy what it has to offer.

“Pep band is always there to boost up the spirits of the team playing, the performing teams and the students in general. It hypes up the crowd and makes us proud to be Gladiators,” senior Matthew Zatz said.

“Pep band being an independent extracurricular allows for people to feel more comfortable in the senior high band in the first place. Being a drum major is a great opportunity for me to act as a role model to students and compensate for the confidence lost in the pandemic,” senior Izhaan Ahmed said.

Source by Anna Detke

Pep band members Sam Tsui and Joe Reo play their respective instruments at pep rally.

This year, non-band members have been invited to participate in the pep band despite not taking the formal band class.

“Even though I am not a part of the senior high band, the pep band has welcomed me…I have enjoyed every minute of it. Ms. Bagley and the drum majors do an amazing job organizing and creating an incredible band,” senior Abigail Varghese said.

Throughout this year, the pep band has grown closer. The band members connect through their love of music and it is more than just a band to them.

“I think the change from marching band to pep band has been an overall net positive," senior Luke Jacob said. "I believe that pep band has really become an outlet for people who love to play music. Becoming a drum major has been an absolute blast. I have enjoyed being a source of enthusiasm for the band. Pep rally and Homecoming really showed me that the pep band is more than just a group, it’s a family."

Source from Emily Speter

Pep band members Abigail Varghese, Izhaan Ahmed and Varun Pillai watch in amazement as Matthew Zatz plays the drums upside down at the final varsity football home game.

The pep band is a way for students to get more involved in their community while sharing common interests. Additionally, the band's students have expressed a sense of belonging and unity through the music they play.


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