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Monumenting the Mamba Mentality

By Vishnu Suresh

On May 15, basketball legend Kobe Bryant was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. The 18-time All-Star was a mentor, role model, father, and was adored by many. Despite the animosity he faced throughout his life, Kobe overcame every challenge placed before him through hard work and willpower. Even when he suffered from season-ending injuries, he pushed through them, adapted, and evolved. When he passed away in an accident in February 2020, the whole world was shaken.

During the induction, Vanessa Bryant, Kobe’s wife, gave a speech about who he was, his achievements, his impact on others, and his love for the game of basketball and his fans. Vanessa thanked Kobe for being the best husband and father anyone could ask for. She also thanked him for being who he was, for never telling her no, loving her and his daughters, and for being happy. Michael Jordan, one of Kobe’s best friends, his mentor, and a basketball legend joined Bryant as she congratulated Kobe for finally achieving his dreams of being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Artwork by Shadia Zayer

Kobe Bryant's legacy continues as he was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Following Kobe’s speech, Tim Duncan welcomed his Draft class and spoke of how Bryant taught him to be a great father, teammate, and person to the community. The Hall of Famer thanked Kobe for bringing out the best in him.

NHP students shared their thoughts on Bryant's Hall of Fame induction.

“Kobe was an inspiration for me, he was one of those [players] I look up to. He deserves the Hall of Fame; he was a true legend, ” said eighth grader Arjit Nair.

“I 100% agree on why he was put into the Hall of Fame. He is a legend that changes the game. He has the best mentality out of every basketball player out there. I’d put him in my top five of all time. It was horrible when he died because he was an inspiration to so many young basketball players and other people too. His legacy will live on forever,” said eighth grader Jash Mody.

Since her father would never get the opportunity to wear them, Natalia Bryant honored her father by wearing his Hall of Fame jacket and ring. She stood with the other Class of 2020 players during the ceremony.

Kobe will forever be remembered for his achievements and his “Mamba Mentality.”


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