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Maradona Leaves His Mark

By Janmak Saji

Recently, an elite soccer player who was an inspiration to people around the world passed away. Diego Maradona was an exceptional soccer player who had a special talent for playing at a high level while leaving his competitors in the dust. As he moved across teams, he brought joy to teammates, fans, and entire countries.

Source from @argentina

Argentina says goodbye to a player and a legend that inspired hundreds of thousands of players, teammates, and fans.

Throughout his career, he gained many fans as a result of his exceptional talent, but also because of how relatable he was. When thinking about true legends that have surpassed all expectations and have engraved their names in history, the first thought is perfection. However, Maradona was different and is known by his fans as "the most human of the gods." Despite his accomplishments and his amazing talent, he was an example of fame coming with controversy and showed that no one is capable of attaining perfection.

“To me, Diego Maradona is a lifelong legend because of his actions on and off the field. Even though he used drugs and even though he was not perfect, Maradona showed me that there is always room to improve and that no one can be perfect,” said senior Ethan Chung.

Maradona gained so many fans because he showed them that failure is a part of life. Even though he was a world-famous athlete, he had constant run-ins with the police and law enforcement due to his drug use. However, fans never wavered and watched as he bounced back to lead Argentina to a world cup.

He constantly expressed that there is always room for a comeback as long as someone had the determination to get back up. Unlike other legends that seem distant and perfect, Maradona showed the world that athletes are people too, and they also laugh and suffer.

“Diego Maradona inspired me to start playing soccer. When I watched him play, he made me feel like if I worked hard enough and practiced, I too could succeed in whatever I chose to do. Maradona showed me that a legend is just a person who works hard in the face of adversity,” said senior Anwin Shaji.


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