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Katy Perry Sells Music Catalog for $225 Million, Shifting Focus to Real Estate and Family

By Zahra Mazkur

Katy Perry has made headlines by selling her music catalog from 2008 to 2020 to Litmus Music for a staggering $225 million. After months of rumors, the deal was confirmed on September 18, 2023, and the deal will require Katy Perry to relinquish the publishing rights to her first five albums.

Source by Guneet Hanjra

Katy Perry sold her music catalog for a sum of over $200 million.

Katy Perry has achieved global success with three albums headlining the Billboard 200 and multiple Grammy nominations to her name. Yet, even with this success, Perry has chosen to shift her focus towards her real estate investments and her family life by selling her music catalog.

The sale of music catalogs is a trend that many artists, including Justin Bieber, Dr. Dre, Drake and Lil Wayne, have followed over the years. The motivations behind these decisions vary, but most artists sell their catalogs to secure a substantial amount of money, which can help them invest in real estate and reap a variety of tax benefits. As lucrative as her decision might be, many of Perry’s fans are unsure if it was the correct one.

“Personally, I feel like Katy Perry selling her music catalog is a bad choice for her career because she has so many iconic songs,” freshman Bella Bodenhorn said.

Nevertheless, the benefits may outweigh the negatives, with some fans arguing that her choice is actually the best one for her.

“Rather than fading into obscurity and earning meager royalties from her music, I believe it’s remarkable that she received over $200 million for her catalog,” senior Guneet Hanjra said.

"I have absolutely adored Katy Perry since I was a little girl, and hearing that she is selling her music catalog is very upsetting, knowing that her songs were a huge part of my childhood,” freshman Carla Yanez-Delgado said. “However, this could mean that Katy Perry can be focusing more on herself and doing good things."

As Katy Perry embarks on this new chapter of her life, one thing remains undeniable: from the sounds of "Teenage Dream" to anthems like "Firework," her long career has impacted countless lives around the world. So, regardless of what the future holds for Katy Perry, whether it involves continued music releases, success in real estate, or time with her family, her legacy as a music icon still resonates with students at NHP.

Correction: This article was written by Zahra Mazkur, and the byline was changed on October 16 to rectify the error.


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