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NHP Italian Club Plays Bocce with NHP Bocce Club at Memorial Park

By Julia Kim and Shohom Chakraborty

On Saturday, November 4th, the New Hyde Park Memorial’s Italian Club joined together to play a popular Italian game known as Bocce. The Italian Club’s Bocce participants honored the long history of the sport– with roots stretching back to the Roman Empire– by participating in the event with members of New Hyde Park Bocce Club at Memorial Park. Bocce continues to be a common pastime in Italy and throughout the world, and its role as a symbol of Italian culture has contributed to its significance within Italian communities, including New Hyde Park.

Source from Diane Bentivegna

Members of New Hyde Park Memorial High School's Italian Club participated in a day of Bocce with the New Hyde Park Bocce Club in celebration of October's Italian American Heritage Month.

“The event was so amazing! The members of the New Hyde Park Bocce Club were so enthusiastic and willing to teach us all about Bocce,” junior Christina Tsigos said. “It was a great learning experience about Bocce and Italian culture, and it was such a great morning.”

The game is played by tossing large balls toward a smaller ball called the pallino. To play Bocce, there must be two teams, each one playing to get their balls closer to the pallino. Points are awarded based on how far each ball lands from the pallino, and the objective of the game is to score 16 points in total.

The Italian Club’s Bocce match was hosted at New Hyde Park Memorial Park, which allowed NHP students to use the two Bocce courts available on the grounds. They were joined by members of the NHP Bocce Club, a group of New Hyde Park residents who meet regularly to play the sport. Students who participated in the game expressed their pleasure in playing Bocce, as well as their joy in connecting with Italian culture outside of the school.

Source from Diane Bentivegna

New Hyde Park senior Matthew Fredericks throws a ball toward the pallino in a game of Bocce.

“It was an extremely enjoyable experience for me. Playing with members of the NHP Bocce Club helped me learn a lot more about the sport itself as well as its importance to Italian culture,” sophomore Dylan Quicano said.

The New Hyde Park Bocce Club aims to bring people of all ages together and foster connections across generations. Bocce continues to leave a lasting impact on communities across the world, serving as a testament to the rich history and traditions of Italian culture.


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