It's Time to Talk About Bruno

By Rachel Houng

It is time to talk about Bruno, as Disney’s newest movie, “Encanto,” has exploded. Watchers can be pulled in by the catchy music, realistic character design or simply the plot. “Encanto” reveals the story of Mirabel, her family, and why their home is so important to them. The movie is told in the perspective of Mirabel, and audience members are able to watch how the tale unfolds from her point of view. Students of New Hyde Park Memorial High School have discussed their favorite songs in the cinematic film. Some Gladiators credit the popularity of the songs to the unique style of composing.

“My favorite song has to be ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno.’ It's been playing constantly in my head, and the beat is so contagious. I feel like one of the main reasons it’s my favorite song is because of the style of Lin Manuel’s writings. I was completely obsessed with Hamilton and the catchy beats, and I feel like that’s one of the main reasons this song is so popular,” junior Anneliese Park said.

Artwork by Debarati Chowdhury

The candle symbolizes the power that is lit within Mirabel's family.

Not only were the songs a hit, but students also loved the characters the film was able to introduce. Gladiators believe that the characters were unique with many of the cast having different personalities.

“Personally, my favorite ‘Encanto’ character is Luisa Madrigal because she adds so much strength and feminism to the movie,” junior Xiana Mayo said.

Disney’s career in creating family-friendly movies has come far. It has begun to include movies about different cultures and an increasing number of realistic stories that can relate to the struggles of everyday people.

“As a Colombian, they incorporated a lot of food that I was familiar with, such as arepas. Also, the clothing was accurately portrayed. When I was talking with my Colombian cousin, he felt that it allowed representation of people from different towns of Columbia,” junior Isabella Prada said.

As Disney progresses, there are many people left wondering what else Disney can do.