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The Student Council Starts the School Year

By Carmela Drossman-Schlossberg and Allison Sanassi

Amidst the beginning of the school year, New Hyde Park’s student council has been working hard on a variety of different projects. This year’s council includes President Anthony LaSala, First Vice-President Fiona O’Reilly, Second Vice-President Alexa Geigle, Secretary Marco Valle, Treasurer Alex Tomalski, Student Congress Secretary Darsh Mirchandani, Publicity Coordinator Abigail Murray, Historian Sophie Guan and Junior High Activities Coordinator Vrunda Patel.

“I think that this year’s council brings exceptional leadership, which is not unusual,” student council adviser Ms. Vosswinkel-Blum said. “However, they work together to achieve more at a higher level than other councils.”

In September, the student council made it a priority to help the seventh graders with their transition to New Hyde Park Memorial. Each member of the council mentored different seventh grade social studies classes, answering questions and providing insight for the students of their respective classes. The council has also assisted with many different school events like Homecoming, pep rally and the club fair.

They have also completed their first fundraiser with the sale of T-shirts that reinforce the school year’s theme of “Believe.” These T-shirts will be worn for different school events, such as National Unity Day, in order to promote a sense of comradery in the student body, and also count for entry in monthly raffles.

Source by Darsh Mirchandani

Kitty and Sophie Guan present the "Believe" T-shirts to a social studies class.

“The student council representatives have been going into social studies classes promoting buying the shirts using different incentives like pizza parties, breakfasts and giving different opportunities throughout the year to wear them,” student council president Anthony LaSala said.

Additionally, the council also assisted with the oversight of this year’s Blue and White Dance, in which they worked together to set up decorations, chaperone students and pass out food and drinks to seventh graders who attended.

“I had a lot of fun at the dance,” seventh grader Tiffany Sanassi said. “One of the helpers, Darsh, was really nice and gave me his glow stick necklace after they all ran out.”

The student council has kicked the school year off strong, starting many initiatives and volunteering at numerous school events, and plans to continue this positive trend all throughout the school year.


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