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Innovative Initiatives

By Mariya Kooran

Through these unprecedented times, the New Hyde Park PTSA and Dad’s Club are working to help students and parents transition into the school year in order to continue their annual activities.

In August, the Dad’s Club began helping students maintain safety measures and raise money by selling neck gaiters, which are specifically designed to be breathable, allowing students and faculty to go through the school day feeling comfortable. The merchandise is designed with the school's logo and colors so people can show school pride and support the local community during these difficult times.

Source by Anna Detke

The bustling Shack has now become empty due to the COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines for large public gatherings.

Although there are limited fundraising opportunities due to COVID-19 safety precautions, the PTSA has continued to raise money with the support of local businesses.

“Our friends at Jersey Mike’s Subs provided an opportunity for the PTSA to raise over $1,000 while helping our community members enjoy their subs at a reduced price,” said Mrs. Kathryn Canese, president of the PTSA.

Parents, teachers, staff, and other members of the community are encouraged to join the PTSA because as numbers grow, the impact of the association’s actions will grow, too.

“Help us make a difference at NHPMHS and in our community,” said Canese.


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